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4 Products That Can Help You Grow Eyelashes!

Updated on March 31, 2016

Significance of lovely lashes

Aging brings in new problems to maintaining beauty. All those facial features that were once your USP start becoming less impressive and more difficult to maintain. Noticeable signs which will subtly tell you that you need to invest some time and effort to ensure you keep looking better and more interesting.

Your eyelashes are one such sign of beauty. These protect eyes and not just that - these make eyes look more expressive and beautiful. These also help attract attention instantly to the eyes and make them look deeper and a little more mysterious. Thicker and longer eyelashes are therefore, most coveted by women of all ages. Women have been using mascara and eyeliners to help make their eyes look more impressive.

However, beauty provided by the mascara and the eye liners is temporary, you need to keep on using them regularly. Moreover, these may thicken your eyelashes for some time but these products could also have some side effects. You can instead try out products that kick start the follicles in your eyelashes to help them grow longer and beautiful.

Here are four well known products that have been created to boost growth of eyelashes:

  1. Lastisse: Lastisse is a well known product being used since a long time. However, this application needs to be used after being prescribed by medical practitioner. This one requires a prescription. Moreover, the drug also contains prostaglandin which tends to make dark circles under the eyes.
  2. EverLashing by Verseo: EverLashing is a new product launched by spa products maker Verseo. Verseo claims all studies have been made and is known to be very safe for use. This product should be applied like an eyeliner. All ingredients of this particular product have been checked for safety and a certificate has been obtained regarding the safety. You will see results within 30 days.
  3. Long Lash by 'blinc' : Blinc is a well known brand creating some brilliant products in the cosmetics industry. Blinc is known to many for its ground-breaking products. Long lash promises natural, thicker and longer lashes within 2-4 weeks. This product assures safety of your eyes and promises zero irritation.
  4. Diorshow Iconic Overture Mascara: Dior products are known for their quality and results. However, the Diorshow mascara works in two different ways, firstly, it provides you with beautiful eyelashes each time you apply. Secondly, ingredients used in the mascara boost growth thereby providing you with the opportunity to have naturally beautiful eyelashes. The company provides more information on its website.

You can adopt any of the 4 methods to grow thicker and longer eyelashes. However, last two are safer than the first one therefore these may be tried without any doubt. The last two do not require any prescription for use. So, make your eyes more attractive with longer lashes.

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