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Grumpy Cat Gifts

Updated on August 18, 2014

Everyone Loves Grumpy Cat!

Grumpy Cat's real name is Tardar Sauce, and contrary to popular belief, she is a girl! She was born on April 4, 2012 and became an internet sensation before she was even 6 months old.

On September 22, 2012, her human mama's brother posted a picture of her on the social media page Reddit. He got accused of altering the picture to give her a grumpy face, so they decided to make some videos. The videos went viral as soon as they were uploaded and the rest is history. Tardar earned over half a million dollars by the time we she was one year old, and is now purported to be staring in her own movie and has been hired by Friskies to be their spokescat.

Tardar Is on her way to being one of the most famous kitties in the world.......and all just because she has a grumpy face!

Image credit: Amazon for a t shirt sold on this page.

Interview on MSNBC's Today's Show - See Tardar in Person!

This short interview lets you meet Tard and her family.

Stuffed Animals - The Grumpiest Plush You Will Ever Have!

Book and Calendar - Share Your LIfe with Tardar!

Fun Facts About Everyone's Favorite Cat

I Bet You Didn't Know......

Tardar's face looks grumpy because she was born with dwarfism, which makes her face flat and her legs and tail short

Tardar's Facebook page has 5,977,787 likes and she has 225, 000 followers on Twitter

Tardar was on the front page of the Wall Street Journal on May 30, 2013 and New Your Magazine October 2, 2013

Tardar has a manager named Ben Lashes, who also represents Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat

Tardar had a photo shoot at Time Magazine and was interviewed for an article in Forbes Magazine

The Official Grumpy Cat Book debuted at #7 on the New York TImes Best Seller List

Tardar has appeared on VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live, The Soup and American Idol

Tardar won a Lifetime Achievement Award from Friskies

Tardar was named the "Most Influential Cat" in 2012 by MSNBC

Tardart won BuzzFeed's Meme of the Year Award in 2013

Tardar is really the exact opposite of grumpy, her human family says she is quite a precious kitty that loves everyone

Mouse Pad - Hilarious!

Grumpy Cat's Family

Feline Family

Tardar has a brother named Pokey, you can find a picture of them together here: Tardar and Pokey

Tardar’s mother was calico and her father was a tabby. Now I know there has to be a Siamese in the family somewhere! There are definitely points on Tardar and with points and white feet, she must be part snowshoe Siamese. If you would like to see Tardar's mom and dad, you can find a picture of them here: Tardar's Mom and Dad

Though Grumpy Cat has a very grouchy face, her personality is quite sweet and laid back. However her human family says that her brother Pokey, is a totally grouch!

Video with Appearances of Tard's Mom and Brother

T Shirts - Too Funny!

These t shirts are simply too hilarious. Great as gifts or to wear yourself, you will be sure to cause a sensation where ever you go when you wear them.

Hoodie - Adult Sizes

Comes in seven colors, sizes small to 3XL. 50/50 poly/cotton

Drinkware - Coffee Mug and Glass

Officially licensed drinkware. Mug is porceline. Glass is 16 ounces. Hand wash for best results.

A Christmas Movie?

Cable channel Lifetime is producing a movie about

Tardar, entitled

"Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever"

Ho Ho NO!

Reproduction Print of an Original Oil Painting - Available in Four Sizes

Gallery quality 12 ink reproduction on heavyweight art paper. This lovely print is suitable for framing. Available in four sizes:

11" x 13'6"




Makes a great conversation piece for your wall!

Key Chain - Funny Cartoon of Tardar

This key chain is so cute. This adorable cartoon stands ready to grace your keys. I definitely plan to buy a few of these to give as Christmas presents. All my friends would love one!

Tardar's Real Personality

She Really Isn't Sour At All

Tardar's human mom, Tabby, says that despite all her fame, Tardar spends 99% of her time doing exactly what most cats do: sleeping, eating, playing with toys and tussling with her mom and brother. They only allow photo shoots and interviews once a week and only for two hours at a time. They rarely let strangers hold or handle the tiny kitty. They do everything they can to let her lead a normal cat life and not be disturbed by too much human activities.

It is good to know that they are protective of the sweet little thing. Considering her fame, it would be easy to burn her out with tons of personal appearances and photo sessions. I am sure Tardar appreciates it, because she probably has no idea of just how famous she is, or how much people love her!

Mountain T Shirts - Beautiful Large Pictures

Beautiful pictures of Tardar Sauce on the excellent quality of Mountain Shirts. These all cotton shirts always get great reviews. Extra long and made of tie dyed soft cotton they are loved by all who buy them.

Tote Bag - Great for Books, Crafts or Groceries

Canvas Tote Bag. 15" x 16" Black only. Makes a great grocery bag that lets everyone know you you feel about the price of groceries!

More Adorable Videos of Tardar - She is Too Adorably Grumpy Looking!

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    What a fun story about 'Grumpy Cat. Amazing how famous she became!