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Clipper Hair Art Graphic Design - How To

Updated on March 29, 2014

Hair Art Clipper Graphic Design - More than a trend!

Hair art clipper graphic design with trimmers and razors is an amazing art form and creative outlet for barber and salon industry professionals and creative amateurs alike.

All you need is a quality hair trimmer (more on that further down), a willing head, a source of electricity and an idea.

This page provides you all the insight you will need to have a go at clipper hair art graphics.

Enjoy yur journey into the world of Hair Art Clipper Graphic Design

This is a list of the basic modules of this web page that make up the world of clipper hair art graphic design.

I am sharing all the basic building blocks of the art form.

You can read the content, watch the videos and be inspired and empowered to give it a try.

Go for it. It is easy! Start simple and small. Start with a few lines and squiggles. Before you know it you will have worked your way up to amazing art.


  1. Prepping the canvas
  2. Choosing your weapon
  3. Cutting a design element IN
  4. Cutting a design element OUT
  5. Shading and fading
  6. Adding color

#1 Preppeing the canvas

Setting up the design area of the head is what is called prepping the canvass.

You will need to take the design area down to a workable length. This length will be different on different heads. Hair density, hair texture, hair color, skin tone and your design objective will all dictate how low you should go to establish a base canvass.

As a beginner look to work off an even length. Dark hair on light skin can be taken a bit lower. Light hair on light skin will need a bit more hair as a base for anything to bee seen.

Prepping the canvas

Tell me...

Have you ever had a clipper hair art graphic on your head?

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Ready to try clipper hair art graphics? - You will need a good trimmer

T blade trimmer
T blade trimmer

#2. Choose your weapon

What you will need to get the job done

The tool you choose will have a huge impact on what you can create. Selecting the right tool is important. Here are a few tips as to what to look for...

The Andis Styliner II is the most popular tool amongst hair pros. The super precision T-style blade, large motor and square housing make this the tool of choice. The T-style blade gives you the detail and precision. The motor gives you the power for extended cutting. The square housing makes it easy to handle. Users comment that the squarer shape makes it easier to know "where it is in their hand".

Other T blade trimmers can be good choices as well.

Steer clear of the trimmers with the 3 small teeth in the middle that claim to be for designs and graphics. The T blade is better. See the video for details on this.

The tools should fit well in your hand.

Avoid cordless tools. You want to be plugged in. You will need the power and run time.

Learn to cut clipper graphics!

Just shoot me an email at and I can hook you up with some clipper hair art graphics education. it is easy to learn and fun to do. One fast lesson on the basics and you will be ready to go at it. Flex your creativity and see what you can create!

T Blades are the secret to amazing graphics - learn more

Andis professional tools of choice for clipper hair art graphics - These are the popular tools, used by the pros!

This is awesome! I want this on MY head!

Finding a willing canvass - How tough is that?

How hard did you have to try, beg, plead to get someone to agree to let you have a go at their head?

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Cutting In Vs. Cutting Out designs - Which one, when and where on the head?

A clipper hair art graphic design element can be cut in or cut out. The video explains the difference.

You will need to develop the eye and the hand for knowing which technique to use when and where to create the look and the result you are seeking.

#4. Cutting a design element IN

In the video below I am demonstrating and explaining cutting a design in.

In cutting IN you leave the field of hair in place and remove hair to create the design... Just like a hair cut, you create by removing elements from the beginning whole.

The simplicity or complication of the design is up to you and your skills and a combination of the density, texture and color of the models hair and hair color and skin color contrast.

Cutting a design IN

Trend? Fad? Here to stay? - Popular, but?

Clipper hair art graphics, what do you think?

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#5. Cutting a design element OUT

In Out cutting the field of hair is removed and just the design element is left behind. Much like sculpture, you remove unwanted mass to reveal a design left behind. You must think in reverse, like positive vs negative thinking in photography.

Truly great designs use a combination of both in-cutting and out-cutting elements to achieve spectacular results.

The video below features cutting a design element out.

Cutting a design OUT

Easier for you?

Which do you feel is easier to conceptulize and execute? Cutting a design in or out?

See results

#6. Shading and fading

Shading and fading is the key to adding depth, dimension and visual interest to a design.

Varying length of hair, fading) creates variations in light to dark to create shading is a design. Clipper blades or clipper guards of different lengths are used to apply this design element.

Shading and fading explained

A video form my Andis collection on Youtube. Explains shading and fading using guards or blades for depth and dimension

#7. Adding color

Adding color is a fun way to punch up a design with visual impact and dimension. Many different products and mediums can be used to add color. Conventional hair color, colored hair gel and make-up products can be used. Time for application and degree of results can vary with color products used.

The appearance and intensity of the colors can also be different based upon the models hair and skin color and tone.

See the video below for more explanation.

Add color to a design - ... Using Grafetch pencils

Graff Etch Pencils

The state -of-the-art for adding color to hair art clipper graphics

Graff Etch pencils have quickly become the state-of-the-art for adding color to clipper hair art graphic designs. Graff Etch pencils are soft, spreadable and mixable. You can create sharp colors and smoothly blended custom shades easily.

Each pencil comes with its own cap with built in sharpener. Let your creativity run wild with Graff Etch pencils.

The Graff Etch pencils come in an assorted color 8 pack and in 8 packs of all white and all black.

Click the links below to purchase your Graff Etch pencils.

The pencils sell everywhere for $29.95. The BONUS in buying them from my web site is that you also get a FREE dvd with clipper hair art graphics instructions and training.

Buy 2 packs and shipping is FREE!

ClipperGuy education, Books and videos

7 books in the ClipperGuy Says... series

29 Videos in the ClipperGuy's Greatest Hits video collection.

Click the link below to learn more and purchase the materials you need to grow your skills.

Thank you for visiting - Share your thoughts

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    • Thrinsdream profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved this. Have v. long hair but I do enjoy "etching" on my partners hair prior to its clipper removal. The brick wall effect you did was inspired. Great lens.

    • Thrinsdream profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved this. Have v. long hair but I do enjoy "etching" on my partners hair prior to its clipper removal. The brick wall effect you did was inspired. Great lens.


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