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What to consider when buying hair extensions for short hair

Updated on September 7, 2011
It is often people with very short hair who are most keen to have hair extensions. It could be that you actually like your short hair and want to keep it this way normally but occasionally like a change or want to look more glamorous. Also for some people they may have short hair following chemotherapy so being able to use hair extensions may be important to them getting their confidence back. Hair extensions for short hair are available but can be difficult to use and to add or may be easy to add but hair extensions for short hair are often difficult to hide or blend in. You must choose carefully then which type of hair extensions to buy and also where you have hair extensions for short hair added, with some types it is difficult to do at home without practice.

Covering the join between any hair extension and your real hair can be quite a skill but if you have relatively thick and long hair you can do this easily by covering the joins with your existing hair. With hair extensions for short hair you need to consider how the join looks as it may be almost impossible to completely cover it. With 4 inches or more of hair there generally is no problem, with some hair extension types you can just about get away with as little as 1 inch of hair though for a good looking finish two is much better.

With braiding and weaving the hair is put under tension: this may be unsuitable for both short hair and fine thin hair. Also it is much easier with short hair for the braid or weave to become lose. Braiding and weaving are therefore generally not suitable hair extensions for short hair.

Hair extensions for short hair may also need to be designed to blend in: this means that they can’t just be added underneath the hair as with some hair extensions but must blend in with the existing hair of different lengths or it can look very odd with a short layer of hair.

The options
As mentioned braiding and weaving are unsuitable for short hair and fine hair as well. Generally hair extensions for short hair will be suitable for fine hair also. The best hair extensions for short hair though are micro loop extensions, clip in extensions and glue in extensions.

Micro Loops
Extensions attached to a very small ring are known as Micro loops, a plastic loop pulls the hair through this ring that is then pulled to the top of the scalp and fixed in place with pliers. This is a great way to attach hair extensions for short hair as the hair blends in with the hair it is attached to and the attachment is by the scalp not further down so they are easy to hide. Micro loops are ideal for those with short hair who just occasionally want longer hair as they are easy to remove and reusable, as well as repositionable.

Glue in extensions
Glue in hair extensions are good hair extensions for short hair as they also attach on to the scalp, sometimes the glue can cause irritation though unlike with micro loops. They are generally also not reusable though they are quick to apply such as if you fancy longer hair for a night out on a whim and only have a short time to prepare.

Clip in extensions
Clip ins are of course very easy to add, the clip is usually under the hair extension so is hidden but it can still look unnatural with the hair raised from the scalp. It is also more difficult to blend in your real hair and you will need at least four inches of hair to effectively use the clip in without danger of it coming lose.


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