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Professional Hair Grooming - Using Proper Hair Cutting Tools

Updated on March 18, 2014

Hair Grooming

We all have differences including our lifestyle. Part of our daily routines is our hair grooming. We go mingle to other people, chatting with friends, discussing projects with boss and bonding with our family. Proper hair care is what we need to face the world confidently. But, there is an appropriate haircut for each and every one. Example, your first job requires you to have a professional look because you need to give an impressive look to the panel of supervisors or manager who will interview you. First impression always has an advantage. Whether you are a man or a woman, your crowning glory is added beauty aside from your physical looks. I dare you not to ignore its importance! To achieve these, you need proper haircutting tools. So, if you're looking for more tips, read over on this article

The Importance of Choosing the Right Grooming Tools

Do you go to a barber to do your haircut or you just cut your own hair? Many tools today are electric and thus minimizing our effort to achieve beautiful hair style in no time. Hair clippers and hair shears are the best tools for hair cutting. Electric hair clippers are much preferred by professional barbers while hair shears are preferred by hair dressers and hair stylists.

Electric hair clippers are divided by two categories: corded and cordless. Corded hair clippers are used by barbers and cordless hair clippers are preferred for home cut. Obvious reason why barbers preferred the corded clippers is because it’s unlimited power source. When it comes to "DIY" or do-it-yourself haircut, cordless hair clippers are best suited. The ease of use and light weight is the advantage for cordless hair clippers.

Hair Cutting with Hair Clippers

Hair clipper is one of the most important tools a barber must have. Or, let's just say that a starting tool for those who cut their own hair. The first thing you know about hair clippers is how to use it.

Hair clippers motor types, accessories and attachments

Hair clippers mostly have magnetic, pivot and rotary motors. They come with guide combs, blade guards, brushes, barber shears and lubricant in the box. Blades are usually made with stainless steel and ceramic. Blades have standards. They ranged from 1/125 inch - 1/1/2 inch. The same also goes to guide combs that ranges from 1/32 inch to 1 1/4 inch.

Choosing the Appropriate Haircut

We all have different personal haircut or hair style and it does depend on what we like. As the world becomes more intelligent, so does the trends. It really does depend on every person to choose his/her own haircut but exception goes to professional jobs which require formal haircut like military, white-collar jobs, students and cops. Imagine a manager with a Mohawk or a military assigned in a battlefield with long, rock star hair. Weird isn't it?

Can you cut your own hair?

Definitely YES! Buzz cut is the most achievable haircut if you cut your own hair. If you want to do it your own, then I recommend choosing a cordless hair clipper. It is lighter than the corded and has many features for easy cutting.

Benefits of cutting your own hair

Ok, I know that you don't know how to cut your own here, at least I assume. However, you can save time and money going to a barber every week or two. Cutting your own hair doesn't really require technical work. You just need to be artistic and learn from simple steps here.


Our similarities and differences have made us "unique" - a unique way of catching the attention regardless on a specific way. Hair grooming is mostly part of our daily lives. We change every now and then our physical looks. We need reliable tools to facilitate our needs and to provide exceptional outcome.


What hair cutting tools do you have?

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