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How Hair Jewelry Give You Gorgeous Hair without Spending Thousands $$

Updated on October 30, 2012

10 Days Transformation To A Gorgous Look

Have you ever thought about accessorizing your hair with jewelry in order to change your appearance? You don't even need a haircut for this one idea. Read below the 10 day transformation guide which is not only fun but also highly effective.

Just Like Make-up!

Beautiful Transformation

You can make various hairstyles depicting different eras or make simple everyday styles look sassy. Wear the many ideas for teens and tweens listed here to school, college or while going to the super mart.

Many times when you want to do something creative with your look on a given day or get a complete makeover, you would change your clothing or shoes or probably your make-up. Some people would add to it an elaborate nail art or probably even go get a nose piercing.

First Date Material

Hair jewelry may not be a trend but it is always present for you to play with. The usual thought about hair jewelry is always that it is only suitable for a wedding. If only women out there knew the various types of hair jewelry available. Also, another thought associated with hair jewelry is that the term jewelry automatically throws up pictures like gold, silver, crystals etc. Hair jewelry today is available in rhinestones, wood, gold plated and silver plated items as well as with fake diamonds.

So how do you take advantage of the hair accessories/ jewelry present in the market? Well for one; buy yourself a few hair jewelry pieces according to your taste. For many hair sticks with tassels just won't do. There are other pieces like a sparkly head band but in a string form. These can be worn by girls or even women in their 20s to an informal occasion. Drew Barrymore was seen spot the item to more than one red carpet event.

So You Got Asked on a Second Date!

If you just like to put your hair in a pony, go with a sparkle head band or next to the pony put an ornamented comb to enhance it. Butterfly clips are the most practical for day to day looks. You can make a messy bun look its best with it and also a loose plait. You can also choose to make more than one plait and twist it together at the back of your neck and secure together with a colorful barrette.

Third Date Central

The latter look gives you a riding look sported by many Victorian women. They used also leather strings which again gave it a farm look. Have you seen Princess Xenia? Gone are the days you only wore those looks in medieval times. In a city like NYC, you might just be able to get away with wearing one hair style after the other one day after the other. You can get the same effect with ribbons used as hair ornaments but stop short of looking like a school girl or an anime character.

Crème de la 4th Date

Fantasy characters like butterflies, dragon flies or unicorns never lose their charm and hence, using hair ornaments with them can look pretty on young girls or when an occasion calls for it.

Crystal barrettes as well as clips do well at events like prom. Apart from weddings, this is one time when hair jewelry comes in full force. Circlets around the head as well as tiaras are the best selling items. Bombshell combs with crystals and also fancy hair forks are used to create beautiful hairstyles.

Having Fun on the 5th Date

If you are not considering the above items, you can always use feathers as a part of your outfit. Feathers and artificial gem stones often form exotic looking head pieces and draw attention to them as the best part of the look. Women also wear flowers made out of silk or any cloth to form a rose or a bud. If you do not like fancy looking things on the head or in your hair, think about wearing a headpiece from Nicole Richie's collection, known for its exotic look yet simplicity.

Hair jewelry does not have to be made of metal. Therefore, if you want to substitute it for flowers, do so. In the Victorian era, most hair jewelry was made of wood, metal or both of them and human hair.

Lure Him to Date 6

Did you know the Chinese make some of the best looking hair pins? The good part about this is that you can look for Chinese boutiques online which manufacture hair jewelry items and buy them. Gold colored bobby pins itself at times create a beautiful hair and hence can look quite elegant. Got for sophisticated looking glossy bobby bins to add to her up do for a formal event.

7th Date Heaven

Been a fan of Asian dressing? The hair stick is quite famous in cultures like the Japanese as hair accessories. While you cannot wear a hair stick with a fringe tassel dangling from it, choose one with some engraving or a clear glass opposite to your hair coloring. You can choose one or two according to your preference.

The 8th Date Will Inspire

Inspired by the latest fashion accessory being applauded in the fashion circuit is the royal looking fascinator. Paired with gloves and a tight dress, you can achieve the look Sarah Jessica Parker sported in Paris in the last season of Sex and the city. You can choose one that just covers the face with a net or a sharp looking hat. A fascinator like a shoe can be a stand-alone item of your personality which can get a lot of attention as wedding hair jewelry or bridal hair jewelry.

By the 9th, You are Ready to Rock

Tried the hair donut? Yes, it is a huge success after Carrie Bradshaw sported it in Sex and the City 2, the movie. Tie a high pony and slip it on top of that. Pin your loose hair to the base of the hair donut and roll the rest around it. You can achieve a modern chic look to go with any outfit by wearing a hair donut. This is especially helpful to those who do not have long hair or much volume to their mane.

The 10th Date with Elegance

Use silk spun flowers to add an eternal beauty to your hairstyle. You can get elastic bands with smalls buds attached to them or head bands as well as clip on with the flower hiding the clip mechanism underneath. You can put an elastic band on each loop of your braid to create a garden fantasy as wedding hair jewelry or bridal hair jewelry.

Bezoek onze haar sieraden of oorbellen winkel

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    • ClassyGals profile image

      Cynthia Davis 6 years ago from Pittsburgh

      Thanks for your inspiring suggestions on hair jewelry! I like flower hair clips. I wish you would have featured some hair jewelry here.

      Blessed by a Squid Angel***