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Buy Hair Loss Product Toppik for Easy Hair Loss Solution!

Updated on January 17, 2010

Wow, Amazing Hair Loss Remedy

Thinning hair and hair loss can be very upsetting for a person, I am sure we all can agree. I have a number of friends who struggle with this problem. It is pretty rare, but I have a female friend who is suffering with hair thinning. She has had a very thin patch for some time now. Hair loss like this for men is hard and for women its even harder.

This stigma around hair loss for both men and women is a big part of why I have not asked my friend about her hair loss. We were co-workers for a time and her daughter goes to the school I work for so I see her often but we are not what you would call close. I have not wanted to make her uncomfortable by saying something about her thinning hair even tho it was very noticeable.

Imagine my shock when one day I see this friend and her hair looks great! I said something before I even thought about it. I just blurted out, 'wow your hair looks amazing what did you do?'. It was not as uncomfortable as I might have thought as she seemed very pleased to have the compliment. We didn't really go into why she had the thinning hair in the first place but she told me about a product that she was using that I had not heard of before.

What was this product that made me go 'Wow'? It was the Toppik "Instant Hair Transplant". This product is available through amazon and a link ad is located next to this text.

Hair Loss Product Toppik

After hearing and seeing the amazing results this product brought my friend I decided to have a look. I don't have thinning hair but if I ever do I know I would hate it and wanted to know what is out there.

I found it surprising that this product is listed under mens grooming on amazon but I guess it makes sense as this problem is one men face more then women. I guess what surprised me was that it might be a solution for both men and women in the same product.

The way this product works is to conceal thinning hair. The method for concealing thinning hair toppik uses is micro-fiber "hairs" made of the same protein as your own hair, Keratin. The fibers merge with the hair you do have to create a fuller effect for your hair. The product does claim to work with total baldness but the reviews I have read make me question its effectiveness if there is no hair for the fibers to merge with.

The results with thinning hair are amazing! Toppik sounds like a great product to take along side a product like Minoxidil or other hair re-growth treatments as those treatments do take a long time to reverse the thinning hair effect.

Other Hair Loss Products

Other hair loss products that seem to work and are popular with lots of people do tend to be long term solutions. The most widely known of which is Rogaine. This product is made for men and women. Men and women, if you are interested in trying this long term solution for hair loss be sure to read the reviews on the amazon site, there are some great reviews for both products. 

Like any product of this type there are chances that they will not be a viable solution because of individual factors such as an allergy or a genetic rejection of the chemicals in the product. The other options include hair plugs or replacement surgery. These solutions are very expensive and it is worth trying one of the less expensive products on the market first. If you do choose to try the concealing methods and or the re-growth methods I do wish you the best of luck! You might just surprise your friends with your remarkable results.


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      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Why can't my ear hair be pushed up to the top of my head? Thanks