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Hair Relaxers to Straighten Men's Hair

Updated on September 30, 2012

Hair Relaxers are most commonly targeted at women. There are many men who would want to obtain the sleek straight hair just like women. Men seldom take action related to personal grooming, though they might have the desire for it. Current trend shows there are many men who would like to straighten their hair just like women and are looking for products to do the same. There are some home based remedies which can be followed to obtain more manageable curls but these are far from achieving the pin straight look which relaxers could produce. If you are planning to get your hair straightened professionally there is no need to look for men's hair salon. There are many straightening salons which would cater for men though they may be more popular with women. If you are planning to it get it done by yourself, there are some relaxer products that men can use from the comfort of their own home.

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Flat Irons

If your hair is bit lengthy and if it is comfortable enough for you to straighten it using flat irons then you might want to consider using that. Always use a heat protecting serum like Redken Heat Glide Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide 5 oz to prevent damage to your hair. While choosing the flat irons choose a quality salon brand product like GHD, SEDU etc. and avoid the supermarket brands. If your hair is just wavy and not so curly the supermarket brands will work better but if you have kinky curly hair you will need a good quality flat iron to straighten it. If the concept of ironing your hair every morning, doesn't appeal to you then hair relaxers might be your best bet. But, before choosing to go with hair relaxers you need to gather some information about them in order to make an informed decision.

Are hair relaxers safe for men?

Many men who are planning to get their hair straightened want to make sure whether using hair relaxers is completely safe. The safety of hair relaxers rely on how well you apply it. It is imperative that you use petroleum based product such as Vaseline to cover and protect your scalp and hair. Now, the relaxers are safe to be applied on your hair. While applying relaxer make sure it doesn't get in contact with the scalp as it can cause skin irritation. Relaxers after their application should be allowed to work for few minutes typically between 10-20 minutes, Amount of time relaxer can be left on hair depends on the strength of the hair. After that the hair needs to be washed with a normalizing shampoo to get rid of any relaxers present in the hair.

What are hair relaxers made of?

Hair Relaxers are primarily made of a chemical called Sodium Hydroxide also known as Lye. It is the same product that is used in cleaning blocked drains. That should give you a brief idea about the toxicity of the relaxers. There are some relaxers that are made of ingredients such as calcium hydroxide and are called no-lye relaxers. No-Lye relaxers mainly found in the self relaxing products and are not as effective as lye relaxers. But, still they are capable of achieving the results for many people. You just need to choose the proper strength of the relaxer depending you hair type.

There are different versions of the hair straightening treatments available but you should know the primary ingredient in all these relaxers are chemicals that can be potentially dangerous to your hair and scalp if not applied properly. There is more chance for men to get damaged hair if the hair relaxers are not applied properly as the chemicals can get in direct contact with the scalp easily.

Relaxing Products For Men's Hair

There aren't many hair relaxing products that are specifically designed for men. You should look at a generic hair relaxer and consult a professional if you are applying it for the first time. They might be able to give you some insight and also do a strand test to determine the texture of your hair. There are some popular brands like Affirm, Mizani etc. with relaxers targeting every type of curls. The key to applying the relaxer is the choosing the best one for your hair and then applying it with proper protection to prevent your hair and scalp from getting damaged. There are some men's whose hair is not so curly and they just want to tame and control the frizz to make the strands look more defined. In such cases, texturizers might be a better option for you and they are many texturizers that are specifically designed for men.


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