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Hair Growth for Black People

Updated on March 31, 2010

Some black people would like to grow their hair longer but it can be tough.  This is because black people’s hair is different.  It is very curly and brittle so it would seem as though it’s not growing.   In order to facilitate hair growth for black people you have to take good care of it. 

You should clean your hair regularly.  If you have a clean scalp, your hair is more likely to grow in better.  This is because dirt and oil will clog the hair follicles which blocks hair from growing.  Depending on the type of hair that you have, you ought to use the corresponding shampoo. 

Use a conditioner along with your shampoo to promote hair growth for black people.  The conditioner will help to soften the hair so that your hair doesn’t get jumbled up.  The type of conditioner you should use is one that contains protein so that it can help strengthen your hair.  You’ll also want to moisturize your hair so that it doesn’t dry out and break.

If you plan on blow drying your hair, do so with the heat setting on low.  Using a dryer will damage your hair because of the heat.  The best way to dry hair would be to use a towel.  You can also put some lubricant on your hair.  However do not use too much or else it’ll clog your hair follicles. 

Take vitamins in order to help grow your hair.  Hair loss may be due to lack of nutrition or a vitamin.  By taking vitamin B it will help in your hair growth.  You can also take protein to help promote hair growth for black people.  But the best way is to just eat healthy and have a healthy diet. 

Finally, try to reduce stress in your life.  Stress can make your hair fall out.  Exercise can reduce stress and thereby help promote hair growth for black people.


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