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All About Hair Removal Cream

Updated on August 2, 2009

Hair removal creams provide a cheap and inexpensive way to remove unwanted hair from all parts of the body.  Usually used for legs and the bikini line, they are not always the best solution for removing facial hair as the chemicals in them can cause irritation to sensitive skins.  They do not permanently remove unwanted hair as they simply dissolve the hairs on the surface, but they do keep your body free from hair for four to five days longer than if you had shaved. 

Depilatory or hair removal creams are made with chemicals that are designed to dissolve the hair follicle or weaken the hair so much that it can be wiped off with a soft, warm cloth. These creams are easily bought in a pharmacy or even in supermarkets and they are generally fairly inexpensive. Prices range anywhere from around four dollars to twenty dollars depending on the brand and the size of the tube or can.   You can also often pick up cheap tubes of removal cream on eBay and other auction sites.   Be on the lookout also for sales in your local pharmacy, as oftentimes they'll have these creams on sale for a significantly lower price than usual.

Instructions for the use of the cream are usually either on the tube or can, or included separately.  Generally, all of the creams are applied in a similar fashion.  You spray or dab the cream gently onto your body, leave it for a specific amount of time and then rinse it off with warm water.  The most natural time to do this is after showering as it's very convenient to rinse the cream and hairs off then.

If you have sensitive skin, or allergies or rashes you probably should not use hair removal cream but instead try other ways of hair removal.  If you're not sure, it's recommended that you test a part of your skin first to see if it's okay. Most manufacturers of hair removal creams caution you against leaving the cream on longer than they state in their instructions.  Leaving it on for longer than the time given will not give you any smoother legs and the harsh chemicals in the cream may actually harm or irritate you.

Using creams to remove hair leaves your skin with a much smoother, softer feel than after shaving.  It's also much simpler to use and you avoid the risk of your cutting yourself with a razor.  Creams can easily be applied to large areas of a body surface and remove unwanted body hair from that surface quickly and effectively.  

There's even a home recipe for hair removal cream that you can use to remove leg hair, though I'm really not sure how safe it is to use.  Apparently, mixing ground white pepper, a little camphor and kerosene together and then applying it to your legs for about fifteen minutes is meant to make the hair on your legs simply fall off!

Hair removal creams are a cheap, fast and relatively safe way of removing unwanted body hair.  Because of this and their common availability they are the method of choice for many when it comes to getting rid of excess body hair. 


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