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Top 10 Hairstyles For Women & Attain Perfect Look

Updated on July 31, 2016

Wedding has always been an important occasion and a memorable event of any girl’s life. She waits for her big day impatiently and wishes to look perfect on that day. On weddings, brides are the center of attention and it is extremely important for her to look gorgeous on that day. Lots of preparations are made. Gorgeous dress is chosen, stunning shoes, beautiful makeup and not to forget…hairstyle! Yes, Hairstyle! Hairstyle is also one of the most important elements that play a vital part to enhance the overall appearance of the person. A perfect hairstyle not only completes the looks of the beautiful bride but also makes her appear elegant and stylish. There are numerous hairstyles that can make a bride look strikingly beautiful. Some brides have the idea of a perfect look on their wedding day whereas, some do not know. There are numerous ways to look beautiful by wearing your style by using tiara or veil, by locking your hair in a bun or braid or even by letting them go free in the form of curls or straight. In this article, we will talk about top 10 bridal hairstyles that will surely give a stunning look on your big day.

10. Sleek and Straight Hairstyle

This elegant and impressive hairstyle will surely give you a stunningly gorgeous look on your big day. If you have sleek hair, then this is the perfect hairstyle that you should go for. This open hairstyle will not only complete your look but also make you a perfect bride. You can beautify your hairstyle by wearing veil, tiara or flowers that will completely transform your look and will make you an amazing bride.

9. Beautiful Bridal Braid

Braids and plaits have always been in fashion. They make you look stylish and stunning. These beautiful bridal braids are made by making a flip with a side slit and forming a bun on the front and then locking it with a stylish pin and then binding it with other hair forming a side braid and then leaving the braid on your shoulders. This is one of the most elegant braid hairstyles that you can choose for your wedding. It will make you look stylish yet graceful on your big day.

8. Soft Loose Waves

Soft loose waves give your hair a beautiful, relaxed and a romantic look. This elegant hairstyle can be one of your top choices if you have long hair. You can even wear this hairstyle having short hair. Wearing this stunningly beautiful hairstyle on your wedding day will make you look even prettier. Wear this hairstyle with a stylish band. It surely will glamorize your overall look.

7. Loose French Braid

French braids have always been a trendy hairstyle on wedding days. Nice made braid resting on your shoulder is one of a stunning look. This is no doubt an elegant and impressive look. A finely plaited French braid is one of a unique style that indicates elegance and precision. This braid even looks gorgeous with loose curls that are tied into neat braid. It greatly affects your overall look and makes you appear even more gorgeous. It gives royal appearance and who wouldn’t want to look elegant and royal on their big day? Add flowers and leave of the curls on the side of the braid to enhance your look.

6. Simple Embellished Braid

If you like braids then this will be your signature style on your wedding day. This embellished hairstyle in a great choice for long hair. Long hair can be locked into a finely made bun or beautifully plaited braid, but this nicely embellished braid will simply enhance your look. This is a very cute hairstyle that will make you look even prettier when you add natural or artificial flowers that complement your outfit as well as your hairstyle. This will definitely give you a splendid look.

5. Flower Shaped Bun

This perfectly made hairstyle is for any occasion but also for weddings. This splendid looking hairstyle is made by using braids to form a rose shaped or flower shaped bun. The rose or the flower shaped bun is made from hair is now a very trendy and stylish hairstyle that is being worn by brides. Wearing this hairstyle on your wedding day will make you attain a dazzling look. You can even enhance your look by adding flowers or flower shaped pins. It is an awesome wedding hairstyle that adds grace as well as style to your appearance. You can choose this hairstyle on your wedding day to look modish and classy.

4. Bridal Curly Hairstyle

If you want to give yourself a classy, stylish look on your big day then you must go for this superbly made hairstyle. This is a contemporary and romantic look that enhances your features and makes you look more beautiful. This curly hairstyle can be your best choice on your big day. This hairstyle with slit, flip and curls is impressive and adorable and will complete your overall look.

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3. French Twist with Swirl

A soft French Twist with Swirlis a simple yet stylish hairstyle that is being worn by many brides nowadays. This is hair-styling technique that locks your hair in a low ponytail and twists it upwards. It is then protected with hairclips, pins or comb. This beautifully made hairstyle gives you a splendid look on your wedding day.

2. Flower- Weaved Braided Crown

This gorgeous and stunning hairstyle is simply amazing. The braided flower crown is best for brides who like to brandish that romantic look. This hairstyle is made by plaiting a braid in a form of crown and beautified by adding flowers in a color matching the gown. It gives a very glamorous look to the appearance. You can even add artificial flowers in an innovative way enhancing the beauty of the hairstyle.

1. Elegant Bridal hairstyle With Stylish Clip

This hairstyle can never go out of fashion. This is an elegant and a stylish hairstyle that looks perfect on your wedding day. It glamorizes your look and makes you look prettier and attractive making everyone spellbound.

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