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Guide to types of bangs (for women) – medium / shoulder / long length hairstyles with side bangs and more

Updated on January 15, 2012

Lots of women have bangs / fringe as part of their hairstyles. Most women tend to look better with bangs framing their faces. For short / medium / shoulder / long length hairstyles, we can add bangs to all of them for a more flattering look. This hub is your ultimate guide for bangs / fringe and is dedicated to making you more beautiful.

Who can wear bangs / fringe? Women of all ages and ethnicity can wear them. It is almost universally flattering for women and enhances our beauty. However, certain types of bangs can only be wore by younger women. Some other types of bangs are generally more flattering for younger women as well. Fear not if you are a mature lady, there are bangs that will work for you too.

Straight bangs covering the whole forehead – This type of bangs should only be wore by younger women. In order for this type of bangs to be flattering, you have to remember two important things. First, the bangs have to be sweeping the eyebrows or slightly covering the eyebrows. Second, the two sides have to be slightly longer than the bangs itself. This creates a modern and cute look for you. Women with high foreheads that want to go for a cute look can instantly look very cute with this type of bangs.

Side bangs are flattering for almost anyone. It helps frame the face and hide a slightly larger forehead. It can be wore by women that are older and still look appropriate. The side bangs are somewhat high maintenance because it requires trimming off every two months or so. For women with round face shapes, side bangs are very flattering and can make the face look smaller. Even for woman with other face shapes (oval, oblong, square and heart), the side bangs are very flattering as well. Side bangs can be added to short, medium and long hairstyles.

Medium length hairstyles with side bangs – This hairstyle is for a mature lady. It is appropriate for your age and will also make you look professional at the same time. You can curl this hairstyle to give you a more sophisticated and stylish look. In this case, medium length is defined as about one inch below the ear. For variety, you can also go with a choppy (slightly uneven in length) medium hairstyle with side bangs. Complete the look with a blazer, slacks and heels for the ultimate career woman look.

Shoulder length hairstyles with side bangs – This hairstyle is great for a young (20-35) woman. It is very romantic and relatively low maintenance. You should opt for straight shoulder length hair when you have a round face. Go for a curly version if your face is oblong. That will balance different face shapes very nicely.


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