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Hairstyles for Thin Hair - Great Ideas!

Updated on August 9, 2013

Welcome to SOS Thin Hair. Solution and Hairstyles for thin hair.

Tired of your flat hair and no volume? Do not dream... There is no miracle solution...Here are some few tricks and care, and against all odds, really work!

You just have to know some small daily actions that can restore some volume, and smile at the same time ....


* If you have thin hair, go for a bobbed hair, NO LONGER THAN THE CHIN.

* If you don't like a bob cut, just degrade slightly above the back of the head.

* An important thing is to create a cut with movement and do not weigh down the roots, thus you will get a voluminous result.

CAUTION ; Perm is a very bad idea! Perm on fine hair, can burn the scalp or make you look like a poodle.


* First, remember that a shampoo for fine hair or flat hair has no visible effect on the way your hair looks.

* They are only effective if they are associated with a wide range of volumizing products used regularly. Often too expensive ....


* Lighter than a gel, it keeps the hair soft and airy. Apply mousse to damp your hair upside down, using a comb or your fingers. Then dry your hair and voila.

* Hair masks for fine hair and without volume should be used with caution. Some masks as moisturizing masks weigh down the hair and therefore have not the desired effect. These masks are recommended for all hair types and should be applied only on the tips.

Want a New LoooooK ? Ideas for Fine Hair

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Add Volume, Body, Shine... I Want it TOO ! - The Perfecter Fusion Styler... or...

Did you see the infomercial on TV about The Perfecter Fusion Styler? Looks nice, isn't it? I remember, had a similar "device" when I was young... My god... 25 years ago ! Please don't smile :) It was almost the same heated-rotating- brush... I remember I had nice hairstyles when I used it. However, I find the Fusion Styler very expensive...$100 ! WOW!

So I looked online if I could not find a similar - round-heating-brush - freeze free hair - for for all textures and lengths. I found very good products for less, less expensive. Here are my suggestions :

Number 1 : INFINITI PRO by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler ( see video )

On - 768 people gave an 3 to 5 stars to this product. So it should be good

The Price : $39.97. good price !

Plus : Easy to use; shiny hair; ideal for medium length or even a short bob

Con : Brush is big, so must be more difficult for short hair.

2-inch brush

Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler...


Number 2 : John Frieda Hot Air Brush

On - 545 people gave an 3 to 5 stars to this product. Good score!

The Price : $29.99 Interesting price !

Plus : Size barrel is perfect for short hair; shine in your hair; very good results for fine straight hair;

Con : Users with very tick hair seemed not have great result..maybe the brush is too small for thin hair. Thick hair : use

1-1/2-inch titanium ceramic-coated barrel.

John Frieda JFHA5 Hot Air Brush, 1.5...


Number 3 : Conair Instant Heat Hot Brush, Black

On - 331 people gave an 3 to 5 stars to this product.

The Price : $17.99.

Plus : heats up super fast; recommended for short to mid length fine hair.

Con : Not a rotating brush - The cord is VERY short

Brush available 1 1/4 OR 3/4 inches

Instant Heat Hot Brush, 1 1/4-Inch

Want Style, Shiny and Curly Hair ? Watch this...

Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air Rotating Styler

3 heat settings and 2 speeds for versatile styling.

Only $39.97

John Frieda Hot Air Brush

2 heat settings plus cool setting

Titanium ceramic coated barrel

Only $ 29.99

What to Do to Improve your Thin Hair


* The most effective and best-known trick is to dry your hair upside down.

* Do not put the air of your blower too high when drying your hair and especially finish drying with cold air to the roots.

* You can also use a large round brush to lift the roots on you regular brushing.

Another way to fight thin hair is using : HOT ROLLERS.

* Wrap your wet hair on large rollers and let dry. Once dry, the result is guaranteed.

* Teasing your hair is also a good way to give volume to your hair. But be careful to use it sparingly. Teasing on a thin hair creates thin tips and damage the hair.

Finally, use a round brush with natural bristles.

Say goodbye to hair straighteners and and flattening irons and avoid avoid tying your hair too often to avoid breakage

Fine Hair, Thin, Fragile:

Pro tips to boost their density


I lived for one year in France and I kept in touch with my hairdresser who is French and is name is Francois. I asked him some questions about thin hair because many of you were interested.


For Francois, the right cut lies into a few principles:

The right length? Maximum... shoulders level to keep the maximum mass effect;

A fringe? Yes if it suits the face. A fringe removes the rest of the thickness of the hair, but creates a strong geometry and adds style;

Part in your hair ? No, because it brings up the scalp,

Roux Tween Time Hair Crayon, Dark Br...

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Fill In Powder for Thinning Hair Med...


A dye? Yes but be careful in extremes hair coloring, platinum blond or black crows!

Hair seem rare when they allow to lights to pass . This naughty effect of transparency is stressed when the color of the hair contrasts with the one of the skull.


Yes, to dark blond, venetian, gold, honey, light brown to soften and blur the contrast. Finally. Better play on reflections than on the discoloration that makes the hair bare.


*During washing, massage the scalp rather than the hair , using the tips of your fingers and not the palm of the hand flattens instead of stimulating!

*Long hair, do not wash the tips, since only the skull gets dirty!

When Rinsing, just let slip the foam from top to bottom, to remove dust.

*Curly hair and Curls, try an experiment: forget the shampoo and use only the conditioner, the product contains sufficient assets to wash the hair.

This trend "non-pro" (read no shampoo) saves aggression caused by washing products often too strong and coats the hair.

Easy Hairstyle for Thin Hair with Aveda

Step-by-step techniques to boost volume in thin hair

Enhance your hairstyle with Aveda Products


Long-lasting and impervious to both dry and humid conditions

Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray 9.1 Oz
Aveda Air Control Light Hold Hair Spray 9.1 Oz

Doesn't weigh hair down or make it sticky, Easy to brush out


How to Care Your Thin Hair?

Fine hair requires more maintenance than other types of hair.

Here is a list of practical tips for keeping healthy.


It is imperative if you have fine-thin hair, moving towards the purchase of a special shampoo for thin hair especially.

Do not hesitate to rub up well near the roots, in order to raise the roots, it will give a little more volume at the time of drying.


If you dry your hair, try using cold air from your hair dryer, so as not to make it more sensitive so your hair could break with the heat of it.

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