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6 most flattering / gorgeous hairstyles for heart faces

Updated on April 21, 2012

Some women have heart shaped faces. The most popular celebrities that have heart shaped faces are Jennifer Love Hewitt and Reese Witherspoon. In most cases, heart faces are pretty close to oval faces with only a few differences. Those with heart shaped faces tend to have a wide forehead and a very narrow chin. This hub talks about six most flattering hairstyles for heart shaped faces. Hope you will find it helpful.

Classic pixie haircut – Heart shaped faces are somewhat versatile. Although not as versatile as the oval face, heart faces will look good with lots of different cuts. The classic pixie haircut is very trendy in recent times. Not many face shapes can pull off a short pixie hairstyle, heart faces are lucky because most pixie haircuts work great on their faces. Below is a classic pixie hairstyle on Michelle Williams that would look stunning on a heart shaped face.

Medium length bob with bangs that are slightly below the chin – Bob hairstyles are very popular lately. Most bob hairstyles would not work great on heart faces because most cuts are top heavy. Heart faces are characterized by a relatively large forehead and a small narrow chin. You will have to select a bob that offsets those proportions to make your face look more oval. Katie Holmes has a heart shaped face and this bob looks perfect on her. It minimizes her forehead and makes the very narrow chin less noticeable.

Medium length hair with lots of volume and layers – Heart faces need hair near the chin to give their faces a very balanced look. Medium length hair works great on many heart faces. The large forehead will be less noticeable with soft side bangs. The volume on the sides and near the chin can make your chin look less sharp / narrow. This hairstyle has a retro look to it and you can rock it with some vintage clothing.

Medium to long hair, middle part, with no bangs – Although soft side swept bangs are great on all heart shaped faces, many women want to show off their foreheads. The hairstyle sported by Reese Witherspoon is great on women with heart faces. Reese is the most famous celebrity with heart shaped face and her style is amazing. This hairstyle has layers near the chin to make it look less sharp.

Long wavy hair with soft side swept bangs – The long hair below sported by Reese Witherspoon is perfect for heart shaped faces. The waves offset the sharpness of the narrow chin. Furthermore, the soft side swept bangs frame the face and make a large forehead a lot less noticeable. This look is highly recommended for women that have naturally wavy hair texture.

Straight long hair with soft side swept bangs – Those that do not like wavy hair can opt for straight hair instead. Again, it is important to have the soft side swept bangs to balance heart shaped faces. This hairstyle is easy to maintain because it would only require periodic trimming of your bangs. This classic style will make you look very feminine.


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