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6 most flattering / gorgeous hairstyles for oblong faces

Updated on April 14, 2012

Lots of women have oblong face shapes. Oblong faces are longer than oval faces and appear slightly thinner than average. This face shape makes you look more mature than you actually are. Women with oblong faces should use the right hairstyles to make their faces appear more oval. This hub talks about six most flattering hairstyles for oblong faces.

Chin length hair for oblong faces – Unlike round faces, oblong face shapes can handle lots of different short hairstyles. Many short styles tend to make the face appear wider which is what oblong face shapes need the most. Short hair creates a very balanced look for many ladies with oblong face shapes. With hair at the chin length, the short hairstyle below is very easy for many women with naturally wavy or curly hair texture. It would make your cheeks look fuller and your whole face more balanced.

Victoria Beckham's trendy short bob for oblong faces – Victoria Beckham is a celebrity with countless hairstyles, lots of trendy clothing and numerous high end designer handbags. Out of all her hairstyles, this very short trendy style is great for oblong faces. It add width to the sides and gives you an edgy look. This hairstyle is very good for women that are seeking trendy bold looks.

Katherine Heigl's medium length hairstyle for oblong faces – This retro feminine hairstyle is designed for women with oblong face shapes. It adds lots of width to the face in addition to being very feminine. This style can be easily done for those with naturally wavy or curly hair. You can complete the look with a body con dress, a strand of pearls, a pair of peep toe heels for the ultimate retro look.

Long hairstyle with lots of curls – Lots of men and women prefer long hairstyles. For women with oblong face shapes, you will have to be careful with long hair. Most long hairstyles will elongate the face which is the opposite of what you are trying to do. However, feminine hairstyles that have lots of curls and volume are great for women with oblong face shapes. Sarah Jessica Parker has a classic oblong face shape and she looks gorgeous with the long curly hairstyle shown below.

Straight long hair with straight bangs – Many women love straight hair because it is a classic hairstyle for women. Those with oblong face shapes need to be careful with straight hair. However, if you add some long straight bangs to the hairstyle, it will look amazing. Straight bangs make the face appear wider and shorter. The hairstyle below is simple to do and gorgeous for women with oblong face shapes.

Long layered hairstyle – Hairstyles that add width to your face are perfect with those with oblong face shapes. Long hairstyles are tricky on oblong face shapes. In some cases, ladies with oblong face shapes are lucky because they look great with volume. The long hairstyle below is a perfect example of long hair on women with oblong faces.


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