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Woman's guide: Best hairstyles for oval face shapes

Updated on December 17, 2011

Everyone says that oval face shape is the perfect shape and all the hairstyles are flattering on that face shape. No one pointed out that there are hairstyles that are particularly flattering on an oval face that will make a perfect face shape stand out even more. Surprisingly, lots of women have this face shape and are under the assumption that they can wear whatever hairstyle they feel like. In this hub, I will give you a list of the most flattering hairstyles for oval face shape. With that knowledge, you will look even more beautiful.

Pulled back ponytail – This hairstyle is worn by many women of all ages. However, it is only flattering on a true oval face. The pulled back ponytail shows off face structures, all its beauty and flaws. Other face shapes cannot really pull off this hairstyle without modifying it. If you have a true oval face, don't hide your face shape behind a lot of hair, show it off instead.

Center part wavy hairstyle – A very sexy style worn by J.Lo is great for those with a true oval face shape. This hairstyle is another style that shows off your face. Other face shapes cannot get this hairstyle without modifying it. However, a very petite oval faced woman should not attempt this because lots of hair tend to overwhelm your small figure.

Center part side braid hairstyle – Many women like to have long hair. A center parted side braid hairstyle is perfect for a true oval face. Again, this hairstyle shows off your very balanced face shape. Other than being very flattering, it is also a very pretty / romantic hairstyle that will turn heads for sure.

Super short hairstyle like pixie and others – opt for a super short hairstyle? Oval face shapes can pull off all short cuts, including those that are super short. Halle Berry's signature short hair is great for women with true oval faces. The super cute pixie hairstyle is designed to flatter a woman with oval face shape.

Super edgy, trendy cuts – Lots of super edgy, trendy or asymmetrical cuts are great for oval faces. If you are a trendy woman and have a true oval face, you can select any edgy cut you see in the magazines and fashion shows.


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