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6 most flattering / gorgeous hairstyles / haircuts for round faces

Updated on July 11, 2012

Women that have round faces don't like their face shape. Round faces resemble a circle because the width and length are almost the same. Most women think that their round face makes them look overweight. While it is somewhat true, you can make your face appear more oval with the right hairstyles. Round face makes a person look younger than their actual age. All the other face shapes lack this advantage. In fact, a round face person will look younger than people with any other face shapes. This hub gives you six most flattering hairstyles for round faces.

Short hairstyles are not very flattering for round faces. Most short styles tend to add width to the face. Women with round faces want to elongate their faces and minimize the width. There are some short hairstyles that will look great for round faces. You need to have wavy, curly or naturally thick hair for short hairstyles to work. Here is the reason, you will need volume and layers on the top of your head for the best results. Those with thin, straight or fine hair have a much more difficult time creating volume and layers on the top of their head. In general, short hairstyles that are heavy on the top and thin on the sides are best for round faces. Furthermore, side swept bangs look great for those with round faces.

Medium length hairstyles are good for round faces. You will have to be careful with the length because hair right below the ears will make the face look even wider. In general, medium length hairstyles that are slightly below the chin would create the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. See below for the ideal medium length hairstyle for a round face. The side swept bangs frame your face, while the wispy layered hair near the bottom creates the illusion of a longer and slimmer face. Kelly Clarkson sported this hairstyle and it looks amazing on her.

Medium length bob is great for round faces. When the length is shoulder long; your face and neck will look longer than it actually is. Most bobs would not work on round faces because they tend to add width to the face. The hairstyle below slims the face because it is completely straight and hides about half of the width. The bob is still very trendy and is very suitable for a round face woman that wants to follow the latest trend.

Straight long hair with soft side swept bangs. This look is perfect for round faces with soft and thin hair texture. Many women love long hairstyles; round faces are great with long hair because most long hairstyles have a slimming effect for the face. Catherine Zeta Jones has a round face and this look is feminine and sexy on her.

Long hairstyle with a slight wave to it. Cameron Diaz has a classic round face. She sports this very feminine long hairstyle that is very suitable for round faces in the picture below. Side parted hairstyles look very good on round faces. The wavy part starts below her cheeks which will not widen her face but adds some feminine touches to the hairstyle.

Another great hairstyle for round face is an up do hair with side swept bangs. The up do hair is great for formal events and looks amazing on a round face. It has height on the top and the side swept bangs frame the face beautifully. In general, most up do hairstyles are great for round faces. Those that has side swept bangs are especially flattering for round faces.


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