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6 most flattering / gorgeous hairstyles for square faces

Updated on April 21, 2012

Square faces are very prevalent in the entertainment industry; many top celebrities (Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Demi Moore, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Biel and many more) have square shaped faces. This face shape is somewhat similar to a round face except with a strong, slightly square jawline. Women with this face shape want to hide their strong jawline with the most appropriate hairstyles. In general, square faces look fabulous with wavy feminine hairstyles. This hub talks about six most flattering / gorgeous hairstyles for square shaped faces.

Short bob with slight waves – Short hairstyles are not very flattering for square faces because it does not tend to hide the angular jawline. However, there are some very soft / feminine hairstyles that will work great for square faces. This short bob sported by a classic square face, Keira Knightley, is great on all square shapes. The soft waves at the jawline are perfect at hiding the strong jawline.

Short hair, side part with waves at the end – This is a great hairstyle for square faces. The soft curls at the end is super flattering and make angular jawlines disappear. For women that have naturally straight hair, this hairstyle can be achieved easily. This style is great for work, causal outings and romantic dates. You will bring out the feminine looks in you with this gorgeous haircut.

Short, side part with soft waves – The strong angular features are super compatible with waves, curls and soft side swept bangs. The hairstyle below wore by Ashley Judd is a fabulous haircut for older ladies with square faces. Side parted hair is super gorgeous on square faces because it softens strong angular jawlines.

Jessica Biel's “Goddess” long hair – Long hairstyles are super flattering on square faces. In fact, it tends to look extremely gorgeous on women with square faces. Below is the perfect example. This hairstyle is just amazing on Jessica Biel, a square face celebrity. The soft waves frame the face perfectly and hide the strong jawline. You should wear this style to romantic dates and other important events to show people how beautiful you are!

Soft side bangs and long straight hair with layers – Many people know that soft waves look fabulous on women with square faces. Straight hair can work as well; you just have to get the layers right to flatter a strong jawline. The soft side bangs are almost a must have for square faces. In order for straight hair to work, you will have to get layers starting at the jawline. It will give you a very feminine and balanced look.

Side part wavy long hairstyle – Another gorgeous hairstyle for square faces is the soft side parted long wavy hairstyle. This style is great for women with naturally wavy, curly hair textures. You can achieve this look easily and maintain it for a long time.


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    • Faith A Mullen profile image

      Faith A Mullen 5 years ago

      Beautiful choices. I love all these cuts.