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Hair Tattoo Designs

Updated on March 2, 2018

Hair Tattoos

Technically hair tattoos really aren't tattoos, as they have nothing to do with ink, although they do have a similar characteristic with temporary tattoos in that they are meant to be a work of art employed for a short period of time.

Hair tattoos shouldn't be confused with hair stamps. Hair tattoos are based upon tattoo designs, but are designed by using tools to shape and cut the hair into intricate, but temporary designs.

Men and women utilize this scalp art, but a much larger percentage of men use the procedure than women do.

But whether men or women, the results of hair tattoos when designed by a competent and skilled artist are fantastic, and the very noticeable canvass is a walking testament to the message or art being displayed, which many times can be a sports team during the playoffs of the respective sports leagues, or a cool design chosen by the recipient.

Either way, hair tattoos are a great attention-grabber, and the temporary status of the work of art allows for those expressing themselves in this manner to do a hit-and-run with their personal expression which can easily be covered up by the re-emergence of their hair. No wonder hair tattoos are so popular.

Wahl Professional Tattoo Trimmer

Star Hair Tattoo

With this first hair tattoo we see a guy in the midst of getting the work done, with the artist cutting close to the scalp to create the design.

A star design is among one of the more popular hair tattoos, presumably because of the devotion of the fans of the Dallas Cowboys to their football team, although all star hair tattoos aren't necessarily related to the theme.

The one below appears to be, as it seems the design includes the number of a particular player, suggesting a relationship, although it could also be a nod towards a different sports team, such as the Dallas Stars hockey team, or another team that includes a star as part of its logo.

Either way, it's a great example of the type of designs rabid sports fans will incorporate on the scalp to show their devotion to the team and/or a specific player.


Hair Tattoo with Star and Arrow

In this photo we have another example of a hair tattoo using a star as the subject matter, which also used an arrow as part of the overall design.

The sharper lines of this hair design, along with the different looking star, give this a completely different feel than the first star hair design.

Instead of using the alternating shapes to create the first star, the second star instead goes for a star-within-a-star to generate the image. Both look great, and make use of different techniques to create compelling designs.


Partial Hair Tattoo

Some people choose to have their entire scalp designed with a hair tattoo, others choose a partial design, as seen below with the minimalist approach this man uses.

Even by standards of a partial design, this hair tattoo is very minimalist, as it obviously only covers the front of the head, creating an interesting appearance of the separation of the full head of hair from the small hair tattoo.

It seems this would be done like this so the person can cover it up once the purpose of having it is fulfilled, allowing for the return to social or business pursuits which the tattoo may not be appropriate. This is one of the strengths of a temporary hair tattoo.

Hair Tattoo of Football and Goal Posts

This hair tattoo choice was made by someone who evidently loves the game of football without a preference for a specific team; or at least that's the case in this particular circumstance.

For those of you not familiar with football, that u-shaped thing in the back of the football is called a goal post, and when the football goes between them after a player kicks the ball, a team is awarded one or three points.

So the words "it's good" are a reference to the successful kicking of the football withing the two posts to score some points for the team.


Hair Tattoo with Eye

As with many people using art as a personal expression, we may never know what it is that is that inspires a certain image, and that's the case with this woman that has a hair tattoo of an eye on the side of her head.

It almost looks like it may be a copy of her own eye, as her particular eye shadow hints that it easily could be. The only hindrance to that probability is the lines underneath the eye design which look like an upside down "v."

Also a possibility is young woman could be saying she's got her eye on you, as evidenced by here sideways glance out of her real eye coinciding with the hair tattoo eye; both of which are looking at you.

That's part of the fun of personal expression using various art forms and mediums, as it generates curiosity and interest which gets people asking questions and conversing about the matter.

Spiral Hair Tattoo

Although simple in design and appearance, this spiral hair tattoo is awesome, and would be extremely difficult to do by the one shaping it.

That's because any mistake would easily be seen because of the uniformity of the curvature of the lines.

Notice how the back of the hair is changed and adapted to conform with the spirals, although it takes on a different trajectory. All of that successfully happens because of that double line - looking like a wishbone - close to the top of the ear. That allows for the continuation of the lines at a different angle.

It would have been instructive to see the hair tattoo from the back angle to see how the design was filled out there.

Tribal Hair Tattoo

We finish off this hair tattoo gallery with a look at a great tribal hair tattoo with what appears to be a punk look on top.

The great lines and curves usually associated with tribal ink tattoos are successfully employed here.

What's cool about a design like this is it could be allowed to grow out and still retain its overall look. Some of the tighter designs wouldn't have the luxury of doing that because the longer hair would quickly overwhelm the shaved areas of the scalp.

Part of that reason is because the decision to leave the hair a little longer makes the design stick out more. The dark color on the sides also makes me wonder if it was dyed after the design, although the guy does have some very dark hair to begin with.


Hair Tattoos

Hair tattoos are a completely different subset from permanent or temporary tattoos, and provide a totally different look and experience.

They are great for making statements, supporting a sports team, or just enjoying as a piece of art to display for a social event.

One thing for sure, they are just uncommon enough for the average person to generate some serious interest, with little fear they'll show up with the same art work and look as someone else.

Whatever the reason, hair tattoo designs are a great way to express or say something, as a growing number of people utilizing the art form will attest to.


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