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10 Funky (Freaky) Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Updated on October 28, 2014

The scariest festival of the year is just around the corner and children and adults alike are gearing up to scare the pants off people. It’s like whole neighbourhoods come alive with grotesque zombies, cackling witches and blood-sucking vampires; Jack o Lanterns light up sidewalks and cries of “Trick or Treat” ring through the air. That’s why this festival is such a magical, fun-filled one, because by participating in the mania we acknowledge the unknown and this brings to the surface a childlike excitement that stays hidden the rest of the year round.

So, are you prepared to give people the fright of their lives? Will your get-up inspire that blood-curdling scream and make onlookers tremble in the knees? If you’re still unsure, here is a cool Halloween idea to help you add that extra frightening edge to your ensemble. Decorate your nails with Halloween-inspired nail art and let your fearsome tips make people jump out of their skin!

Here are a couple of funky, yet, easy to paint Halloween nail art ideas you can try out:

Dripping Blood Nail Art

The sight of dripping blood can make the strongest souls feel queasy and faint. Use deep red nail paint to create the effect of blood on your tips. The best part about this Halloween nail art idea is that it’ll leave people wondering about the monstrosities you’ve just committed. Did you disembowel a cat or did you dig out a heart?

Image courtesy: beautysweetspot
Image courtesy: beautysweetspot

RIP Nail Art

If there’s one abbreviation that really scares us, it has to be RIP. Paint out these three letters on your tips and evoke in people the unnerving feeling one experiences in graveyards. Use a bit of grey nail polish too to create a realistic tombstone on your nails.

Image courtesy: cathyhairnails
Image courtesy: cathyhairnails

Vampire Nail Art

Vampires, ah! Wouldn’t Halloween just be incomplete without them? Make Mr. Bram Stoker proud by trying out some Dracula/vampire nail art. All you need is black, white and red nail paint, and of course, a bit of creativity and skill!

Image courtesy: christineiverson
Image courtesy: christineiverson

Jack o Lantern Nail Art

Re-create those half-cute-half-scary carved pumpkins on your nails to give your tips an interesting Halloween-inspired twist. The best part about this nail art is that it makes use of bright colours and so, adds a peppy feel to your nails.

The Maybelline Color Show range offers just the kind of bright orange nail paint you need for this nail art design. Check out this color and more shades here: Color Show Nail Polish

Image courtesy: pixgood
Image courtesy: pixgood

Witch Hat Nail Art:

Most of our childhood fairytales revolved around these magical beings called witches and wizards. They brew potions, wave wands and mutter mystical spells, so enchanting, right? Well, we might not be able to sketch out a witch or wizard on our nails but we can always paint out their pointy hats! Grab some green and black nail paints and get creative!

Image courtesy: polka.polish
Image courtesy: polka.polish

“Boo” Nail Art:

What’s that first sound that comes to mind when you have to scare someone? “Boo!” right? So, paint out this word on your tips to commemorate all the times you’ve used this weird-sounding three letter word to give your unsuspecting friends a spine-chilling scare.

Like these nail art ideas? Get more such trendy, easy-to-do nail art ideas here: 52 Nail Art Designs for Beginners

Image courtesy: purelypolished
Image courtesy: purelypolished

Skull Nail Art:

Skulls and bones have forever been synonymous with death, danger and black magic. Use some black and white nail paints to create these macabre symbols on your tips and infuse your look with a dark, gothic vibe.

Image courtesy: thegirlsstuff
Image courtesy: thegirlsstuff

Frankenstein Nail Art:

We all remember that green, ghastly creature with stitches marring his features and electrodes sticking out of his neck, right? We have too, for Mr. Frankenstein was the prime reason for those recurrent nightmares we suffered from as kids. Re-create that ghoulish aura by trying out some Frankenstein-inspired nail art this Halloween.

Image courtesy: thenailtrail
Image courtesy: thenailtrail

Spider Web Nail Art:

Sticky webs and crawling spiders evoke images of ancient castles ridden with tortured spirits and evil souls. Pay homage to these frightful creatures and their cobwebby abodes by painting them out on your nails. Black and white nail paints and good observation skills is all you need to get this nail art trend right!

Image courtesy: totallythebomb
Image courtesy: totallythebomb

Mummy Nail Art:

The Egyptians contributed much to the genre of horror by mummifying people. We’ve read countless books on this burial practice and have even watched movies on rebirth-craving, despotic mummies. Now, it’s to put all that information to good use. Paint out your imaginings of these bandaged-clad creatures on your nails and infuse an ominous aura into your look.

Image courtesy: weheartit
Image courtesy: weheartit

Well, with these 10 freaky nail art ideas you’re sure to look the part this Halloween!


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    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      3 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Great ideas and a fascinating look about these nails.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      I love those nails with the dripping blood. They would go great with a witch's costume.


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