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Want a Tattoo? Try a Temporary Tattoo First

Updated on February 4, 2016

Style It Up With Temporary Tattoo Body Art

Tattoos are tons of fun and there's a variety of temporary styles to choose from. Not sure if you're ready for a permanent one? Then try a temporary one. It's a great way to find ideas and see what you may like. You can try them out on different positions on your body until you find just the right place to display it.

There's tribal body art tatts for the face, lower back, buttocks, or just about anywhere on your body. There are also flower design tatts, skulls, zombies, and even customizable temporary tatts. Temporary tatts come in all different colors. Many people believe that body art enhances a person's appearance and makes them more attractive.

There are tons of designs for every age group in every size and shape. Try out a temporary tatt before you go for a real one. See if you like it, maybe you'll even find a design you want to be permanent. Getting a tattoo is a big decision because you will have it for life. Not only do you have to decide on the design, but where you are going to put it on your body. Experimenting with a non permanent one gives you the freedom to change your mind.

Do You Really Want to Mark Your Body?

The decision to get a real tattoo should be thought out carefully. Once the ink is on you there's no going back. Removal of the ink is hard and it hurts. So playing around with temporary designs is a perfect fit for those who are still aren't too sure what they want to do.

Applying a temporary tatt just requires water. All you do is place the design against your skin, wet the paper thoroughly and then remove the paper very carefully. The artwork is separated from the paper and it's now on your skin. If you don't like it just use a washcloth and scrub it off. They look like the real thing.

Best of all it doesn't cost much to experiment. Most of the tatts are only a few dollars, so trying out more than one doesn't break the bank. Sometimes you may find the choose you made really doesn't work for you so it's nice to be able to change your mind.

Airbrush Kit - Make a Real Looking Fake Tattoo

This PointZero Airbush kit comes with everything you'll need to make a professional looking designs. The air compressor allows precise delivery for hairline accuracy. Comes with six colors of paint and a book of over 100 different tattoo templates. Design your own non-permanent tattoo with ease. A great way to experiment with different tattoo ideas.

For Women

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

This tattoo of a cherry blossom is simple, but beautiful. Cherry blossom or Sakura tattoos are quite popular and look great on the lower back or ankle. The meaning of a cherry blossom is linked to mortality in Japanese culture.

One of the benefits of the non-permanent tattoos is that they also come with glitter.

Lower Back - A Fun Sexy Tattoo Idea

A distinctly feminine tattoo for women is a lower back tatto. One that you just get a glimpse of when clothing moves around is so sexy! A tattoo for the small of the back allows a woman to express her feminine side. Easy to apply realistic tattoos for the lower back, or anywhere else you want to wear it.

Permanent or Temporary?

Which type of tattoo do you prefer?

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    • Melissa Miotke profile image

      Melissa Miotke 5 years ago from Arizona

      I don't have any tattoos but I agree that getting a temporary one makes more sense in many cases than a real one.