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Handbags and Wallets

Updated on September 2, 2010

How to spot genuine handbags and wallets, made by only quality makers. Most shoppers will be surprised to know that when shopping for designer handbags and wallets, some store owners may well advertise a giuine quality handbag and wallet when in fact you maybe getting less quality for your money. Cheap handbags and wallets are a sure singn you may be getting immitation items.This can be a reality if choosing wholesale handbags and wallets as you could be getting the short end of the straw, or what the heck have them up for false advertising. Here is a few tips when shopping for either handbags and wallets or for that matter anything that may seem high in value but in terms of genuine quality one needs to know the signs of what is imitation and whats not. This article will give you a few tips on knowing the difference.

Brand Name

All main brands such as Armani Gucci, Calvin Cline all carry a brand name or logo. If you have some favorite brand then you are more likely to purchase simply for the name itself. what ever brand you choose , study it, get a little background info on the product. Find out certain things that will distinguish it from less quality products. this could be something as simple as stitching's and fabric. All major brands will have their own unique way for creating and recognizing their products. Take a major brand such as Nike with a name and logo that has weathered the test of time, and still is considered a major brand today. The Tick logo is known throughout the world, and is unique to Nike. so get to know your label or brand and what make it differ from the rest.

Authentication Certificate

 You are entitled  to ask the store will be unique to you, and can be confirmed  at any official store by showing your serial number. This is one way to prove authentication If shopping for leather handbags and wallets then it may pay you to know a little basic knowledge of what is genuine leather and what is fake. Some can tell just by touching the fabric and know the difference between the two, also check the inside tag and make sure it has the brand name and logo.

If traveling overseas you will find merchant selling everything under the sun!, but if you can spot the difference then you will be one the wiser. So always look for ways to prove the authenticity of your purchase. don't just hand the money over and walk away! hell No.... check it out! make sure you have exhausted all avenues from the shop owner. This doesn't mean that you have to shower the man with a thousand questions, just be prepared to ask at least three questions that will help you.

Checking Material

Another way of finding out if it's fake to to carefully check any signs of loose stitching's, faulty clips or straps. Anything that may give away it's flaws will give you a (for sure) sign. This can mean that it wasn't made by the authentic seller. Check any objects such as the rings that secure the straps to the handbag, is it quality metal with a genuine coating of fine gold? . Well the gold stuff may put a hole in ya pocket, But you can still find a less costly wallet or handbag, and quality to match. This should especially  be done  if you are buying genuine leather handbags and wallets, take a little time to know what is real leather and what's not, you have acsess to a computer?? then use it  just type "how to know real leather" and youll be surprised to find what 10 or 15 minutes online will tell you about how to spot the real thing. 

Goggling online is a great way to search for quality handbags and wallets . Sites such as Amazon or E-bay... advertised by thousands of members selling their stuff. I like Amazon for they have brought out a cool way to securely purchase a product online. Amazon will insure your purchase, so if your item is not receive with in the agreed time , but money has been transferred , Then Amazon will refund you the cost of the item you paid for which is “choice!” that means fricken Assume ! .

Know The Difference

We have covered a few subjects on this topic of the basic things you should know abut shopping for bags and wallets. So next time your out, try out the methods we have dicussed and determin the difference between what is genuine and what's not.


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