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Handbags with Bling! Purses that Sparkle!

Updated on August 17, 2014

Even Everyday Purses Are Awesome with a Little BLING!

Are you tired of the same old purses you been carrying for years? Sure they are serviceable, maybe even organizational, but they certainly lack pizzazz! People will not notice them when you walk down the street. Cashiers will not compliment your purse when you pay for purchases.

Are you ready to change that ? Then I have got a great selection of handbags for you to choose from! Everything from knockout everyday purses, to awesome evening bags. I even have a selection of backpacks with ultra bling! Scroll down and have a look. I am sure you will find the perfect purse to start fall 2013 with renewed sparkle!

Image from for a purse sold on this page

The Word Bling

Is It A Real Word?

You bet it is a real word! With its original roots in the lyrics of hip hop music, the word "Bling" was added to the Merriam Webster dictionary in 2006 and is defined something like:

1. Something that is expensive or flashy

2. To dress or accessorize in a flashy or excessive way

3. A way of life that is particularly high profile and news worthy

What Are "Hobo" Handbags?

Why Are They Called That?

Hobo purses are oversized bags with a crescent shape. Made of soft leather or fabric they "slump" when put down, which means they do not retain their shape when they are set down. They generally have a long shoulder strap.

This kind of purse is called "hobo" because it resembles the shape of the pack on the end of a stick you see thrown over the shoulder of hobos in drawings and cartoons.

Hobo bags have been around for a long time and come in both purse size and tote size. The tote sized ones are popular as gym bags, book bags, overnight bags, even business bags. They can be dressed up or down, depending on your outfit.

Image Credit: Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's Handbag Star Struck Hobo

Hobo w/ Croco & Ostrich Texture -Camel - With Rhinestone Accents

Peacock Crystals Half Moon Hard Case Clutch - With Detachable Chain Strap

Bright Colored Purses with Bling! - Be Noticed!

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What Do You Think of These Purses? - Awesome or Too Much ?

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    diamondphonecases 3 years ago

    great lovely blog

  • profile image

    diamondphonecases 3 years ago

    very elegant, i want one!

  • JeffGilbert profile image

    JeffGilbert 4 years ago

    Very nice collection of bags. Unique. Great lens!

  • tlc1210 lm profile image

    tlc1210 lm 5 years ago

    Some have just enough bling, while others have too much. I will admit that i like the peacock purse.