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Handcrafted bags - Green Bags - Washable

Updated on October 8, 2014

Handcrafted Bags - Unique Bags - Green Bags & Purses

Welcome to Handcrafted Bags!

This site will feature handcrafted bags that I've created and made available for sale. They are NOT assembly line purses, but made by me in my spare time with materials and accessories that I've collected through time to make them unique. I do NOT make more than one purse at a time and each bag will be 100% one of a kind. My reasoning is that anyone who purchases an item that is handmade, like handcrafted bags, does so because they know they are well crafted and unique. Unique means no duplicates or replicas!

I'm big into green living so do my best to use cottons and recycled materials. I like to use wooden beads and handmade cording from lining materials instead of plastics or metals. I will at times use recycled beads from old jewelry or whip up a quick crocheted piece that will assist a handcrafted bag in having a certain look.

I ensure that all straps are comfortable and don't pinch. I also excel at making bags that will fit the more "voluptuous and curvy woman". I'm not a size 6 anymore and like to have more strap than is needed for a smaller woman. I've noticed as I've "blossomed" in shape that most purses just don't fit as well as they used to. If YOU are a curvy woman, you'll like how my purses fit under your arm and cross the body in comfort and style.

Have a certain color or style in mind that you'd like to commission a handcrafted bag for? Let me know what you are looking for and I'm sure we can come to an arrangement. If you have a specific fabric you'd like me to use, just send the material to me and I'll create a purse you'll be very proud to have on your arm.

I hope you enjoy the look of the handcrafted bags I've created and let me know if I can create one specifically for YOU.

How To Contact Me Regarding Handcrafted Bags

While I will reply to any comments or questions you may place on my Guestbook module at the bottom of this site, you are always welcome to send me an email at micsan07@gmail for a quicker response. As I do not open email from unknown senders, please place the words "handcrafted bags" in the subject line.

Handcrafted bags - Garment Bags
Handcrafted bags - Garment Bags

Handcrafted Designer Garment Bags

Designer Fabrics Make These Garment Bags Oh So Yummy

While most of the handcrafted bags on this site are of the purse variety, I do also make custom garment bags.

Garment bags are not only for protecting special items of clothing in your closet, but can also do double duty as overnight bags. All of my garment bags are made of upholstery weight fabric and have all the finishing touches. Touches like a collared hangar portal, a top zipper tab, contrasting or matching piping, and zigzagged stitching on all inner seams. For an additional small fee, a monogram can also be placed on the garment bag.

Garment bag prices start at $100, extra for monogramming and pockets on the inside of the bag.

If you or someone you know would appreciate having a handcrafted garment bag, please write to me at I don't open emails from addresses I don't recognize, so type the words "garment bag" in the subject line.

A Close Up of the Above Garment Bag

Handcrafted bags - close up of garment bag
Handcrafted bags - close up of garment bag

Handcrafted Bag- Fuscia Purple Rayon Print With Braided Strap - If You Like YOUR Handcrafted Bags With a Bit of Punch

Handcrafted - Fuscia Purple Rayon Print With Braided Strap
Handcrafted - Fuscia Purple Rayon Print With Braided Strap

This bag has a great look blending a large splashy print with a contrasting purple print flap. While I was sewing this one, people passing the sewing table usually reached over and smoothed the fabric with their hands. It has a very contemporary look to it, yet is quite casual.

This bag is 16" at the widest center point, 10" in height, is fully lined (with an extra pocket inside) and has a braided strap that will fit a VERY voluptuous woman (un-knotted) or a smaller, petite woman (knotted).

This particular bag lent itself to having a silver D-ring and self cording as the closure method for the flip over flap.

I am asking $25 for this bag, $5 for shipping, for a total of $30 to be paid via PayPal. Upon receipt of payment, an email notification will be sent confirming receipt and letting you know the date of shipment (always within 48 hours).

My First Handcrafted Bags
My First Handcrafted Bags

What's Your Bag? Interested in Knowing How This Was Created?

Yes, this is a photo of a hand wrapped bag that I made myself. You need a few yards of a cotton material (or smaller lengths of matching material) and about 50-70 feet of cotton clothesline (if you can't find cotton, poly is OK, but cotton is better, the 3/16 inch is best). I used a contrasting thread, but if you use a matching color there would be less of a "country flavor" to your purse. You can either purchase a set of handles or make your own.

Cut your material into strips of 3/4" wide.

All you need to do is wrap your material in a spiral around the clothesline (my suggestion is to have your machine needle resting on the cord as you wrap the material to keep good tension) wrap in short sections, approximately 6-10 inches worked for me, stick a needle at the end of the wrapped cord so it doesn't unwrap on you and sew in a zigzag stitch through what you have already wrapped.

Now, depending upon how large you want your purse to be, you have to start folding your wrapped cords together (like a tight U) and sew where the two lines parallel. You just want to keep wrapping in small lengths, sew the length of cord you just wrapped, and keep on sewing round and round until you have the size you want of the bottom of the purse. Once you have sewn the bottom of the purse (to whatever size you want), you need to hold your sewn cords at a tilt as you feed the material into your sewing feed (instead of sewing the material flat, now you want to tilt up the material with your left hand to start forming a bowl or wall shape). Continue sewing round and round but using the tilt with your hand as you sew.

When you have sewn the purse to the height you want, just sew a bit of the material at the end and phase out the clothesline cord, this will enable you to tuck in the thin material (without the cord) and be able to finish the top of the purse.

Hand or machine sew the handles you purchased on the top and that's all there is to it.

Get creative and use different prints! Because of the wrapping around the cord, you won't see the print, but you will see the "colors" of the print. Contrasting thread can make a huge difference to the look and so can just using one color, but different textures of material as the strips.

Have fun with it!

If you have any problems putting your purse together, place a comment in the Guestbook, I'll get back to you. I promise!

Handcrafted, Decorative Gift Bags - Great Green Bags

Handcrafted bags - decorative gift bags
Handcrafted bags - decorative gift bags

This past year I told myself I wanted to try to go through the Christmas Season without using any wrapping paper . . .

I was able to do it - and beautifully - by sewing decorative gift bags from scraps of fabric that were hanging around in my craft room. Add a simple bow tied with a coordinating cord and VOILA - gorgeous handcrafted bags that were as appreciated as the gift they wrapped.

I even made a few extra bags that I wrapped in an outside bag to give as an extra gift to a few people who I knew would love the "green" idea for their gift giving needs all year long.

Small bags $3, medium bags $5, large $10, and extra large are $15.

An added comment on the subject of gift bags, I also happen to operate ShooShoo Jewelry where I place sold jewelry items inside one of these small decorative bags before mailing. I've noticed that my sales have gone up since doing this and I get lots more repeat customers!

Handcrafted Turquoise Lime Necklace/Earrings Set
Handcrafted Turquoise Lime Necklace/Earrings Set

Handcrafted Jewelry - Handmade Beaded Jewelry

While I have quite a few pieces of handmade beaded jewelry items already made for sale, I also get requests for special orders. I've had neighbors stop in with a dress or blouse in hand and ask for a matching necklace or special earrings to go with it. I've also had family members tell me exactly what they are looking for when I ask what they want for a birthday or Holiday gift.

My sons girlfriends go poking around in my jewelry work space for new beads or combos that I've placed together and I sometimes get an impromptu session together and we have a "jewelry" night where everyone is helped to make their own special beaded jewelry. Those are always a blast! We laugh and talk and just generally goof around while we all string beads and make personalized jewelry.

I hope to hear from you via the Guestbook section at the bottom of this site or email me at (place the words "handcrafted bags or jewelry" in the subject line as I don't open email from addresses I don't recognize) if YOU have a special jewelry item you'd like to have special ordered for an upcoming occasion.

Handbags and jewelry, except for shoes, what more can a woman ask for?

Handcrafted Bags Payment Via PayPal

My preferred payment method is PayPal (address is If you are not able to pay via PayPal, other payment options may be acceptable. However, please be aware that shipment of the bag will be postponed until payment has cleared.

Handcrafted Bags in Progress . . . - Beading Left and it will be Completed!

Handcrafted - Indigo Purple with beaded trim
Handcrafted - Indigo Purple with beaded trim

I have the beading to complete on this bag and it will be completed.

It is 16" at the widest center point, 10.5" in height, is fully lined, and has a 35" padded strap. There is one lining pocket (so two spaces inside) and the lining is of the same fabric as the strap and contrast on the front of the bag. The predominant fabric is a purple with dark purple shading (cotton) and the contrast is a tribal print made up of indigo, purple, turquoise, and black. There is a beaded sunspot centered on the flap, a smaller sunspot to the right of the flap, and a line of beaded trim just above the bottom contrast fabric.

I am asking $25 for the purse, $5 for shipping, total of $30. (Item will be shipped with 48 hours and email notification will be sent)

As soon as I receive the full payment of $30 in my PayPal account (, I will send a notification that payment was received and give the date of shipment. While PayPal payment is my normal payment process, I may be agreeable to other methods, however, shipment of the item will be postponed until payment method clears.

Handcrafted - Gold/Cocoa/Rust Evening Bag With 4 Strand Beaded Handle

Handcrafted - Gold Evening Bag With Beaded Handle
Handcrafted - Gold Evening Bag With Beaded Handle

This bag has recently been sold on Paybox.

While I tend to like creating Hobo style and slouchy bags, I do occasionally enjoy dressing up a bag for evening wear.

This bag is 9.5" in height, 8" wide, is fully lined (no extra pockets inside), and has 4 intertwined strands of beads to make up the handle. The beads are made up of gold and cocoa colored beads and faux pearls (12" long). There is an inside button closure so bag is not fully open.

Outside of bag is a rich textured gold fabric with a contrasting heavier upholstery fabric in gold, cocoa, and rust print.

I am asking $25 for the purse and $5 for shipping, for a total of $30.

Once the $30 is received in my PayPal account (, I will email a notification email confirming receipt and state the exact day the purse will be shipped (it will always be within 48 hours from receipt).

A Bag With Obvious Feminine Appeal

Bag with Cream Tulle Flowers and Beading
Bag with Cream Tulle Flowers and Beading

This bag has been sold!

Cream Flower Tulle Bagh
Cream Flower Tulle Bagh

A Bag With a Feminine Floral Appeal

This bag has now been sold

This feminine bag makes a statement that you LOVE BEING A WOMAN! It's a practical sized bag with soft flowers and matching beading that shouts "sweet". I don't consider this a "shoulder bag" as the strap is only 15" long and rather narrow. It makes for a comfortable hand or arm hold, but I consider it too narrow for shoulder comfort.

The bag measures 11.5" at the widest center point across, 9" in height, fully lined (no extra pocket inside), with a button closure. There are two soft cream tulle flowers and 3 strings of matching beads accessorizing the flowers.

This is a casual, go anywhere, bag that will draw the eye.

I am asking $20 for this bag, $5 for shipping, for a total of $25 to be paid to PayPal.

Would you please let me know what you liked, or did not like, about my site? Can you give me a thumbs up at the top of the page?

Handcrafted Bags Need Your Feedback!

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    • jadehorseshoe profile image


      6 years ago

      Very Nice Lens.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Great lens

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 

      7 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      Very pretty floral patterns!

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 

      7 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      Very pretty floral patterns!

    • sukkran trichy profile image

      sukkran trichy 

      7 years ago from Trichy/Tamil Nadu

      lovely designs and beautifully constructed lens. nicely done.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Awesome colors and styles! Nice lens.

    • MichelleLacroix profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Lacroix Toro 

      8 years ago from United States

      @anonymous: Rose,

      I haven't been able to login to PayBox since this past Thursday. Please email me at so I can mail you your item.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      "handcrafted bags or jewelry

      my name is rose, i saw your items on paybox shop check your messages there for my contact info,your purses look great

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I, too, am crafty and have a new site @ I really did enjoy your purses.egg

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have a local embroidery store and see lots of crafty items. These are great!

    • WaterMom profile image


      8 years ago

      I'm interested in the purple one with the beads. Will the photo be updated with the finished product?

    • MichelleLacroix profile imageAUTHOR

      Michelle Lacroix Toro 

      8 years ago from United States

      Ooohhhh! I see Christmas gifts on the horizon for my friends and family. Nice site and I love the look of these bags.


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