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Handmade Soap Product Reviews

Updated on October 16, 2014

Handmade Soap is Luxurious

Handmade soap is luxurious and relaxing.
Handmade soap is luxurious and relaxing. | Source

Handmade Soap by DeShawn Marie Product Reviews

Do you love handmade soaps? Many individuals an whole families love to use homemade soaps. I know I do and so do my teenager and younger child. We all love feeling nice, clean and pretty.

Here I would like to tell you about some of the different handmade soaps by DeShawn Marie that we have tried here at home...

A special thank you to DeShawn Marie for photo use of her handmade soaps.

Disclosure: These product review articles are 100% honest, unbiased and based on my own individual opinion and not a sponsored endorsement.

Bubbly Fun Bathing

Bathroom Wall Décor Vintage Inspired Art Print and other items available by clicking the source link.
Bathroom Wall Décor Vintage Inspired Art Print and other items available by clicking the source link. | Source

Yummy Soap

Orange Vanilla Handmade Soap by
Orange Vanilla Handmade Soap by | Source

Orange Vanilla

Handmade Soap by DeShawn Marie

Back in November, while tweeting on Twitter I came across a tweet by DeShawn Marie that said, "Win a free year of soap!! That's right soap at your doorstep every month for free!" The rules involved helping her promote her handmade soap of the month club. When I went to her blog, and saw her soap I knew I had to have it! I wanted this free handmade gourmet soap for a year prize and I stayed on the line promoting her soap of the month club for a year and when she drew names of the contestants from a bowl or hat, she pulled my name!

Next, I waited for a very short time to receive my first free soap of the month. I can say that DeShawn Marie is very speedy in shipping her wares, which is always a good thing when it comes to getting what you want as soon as possible. I had been so busy that I had actually forgotten about the delivery when I saw her make another tweet. I checked the confirmation of delivery and it said the package had been delivered that day. Since, the kids were already in the house getting ready for bed, I pulled on my jacket and shoes and went to the mailbox. There it was sitting and waiting on me!

Product Review Deshawn Maries Handmade Soap

Orange Vanilla

First, I want to let you know that DeShawn Marie packages her soaps very nicely. This one came in a shiny gold box with her brand sticker on the outside of the box, very nice. It makes you feel like you are getting something special and not some paper-wrapped soap like those you get from retailers.

The first soap I have received is the Orange Vanilla. It smells like Dreamsicles, yes Dreamsicles! The orange scent is zesty and very lively and the vanilla tones it down to bring out the sweetness in the scent. It actually smells good enough to eat. I thought that as soon as I opened the package and soon after three of my teenage nephews came in and they all wanted to know what smelled so good. I showed them my new soap and they all said it smelled good enough to eat!

Orange Vanilla handmade soap by DeShawn Marie

Now for the good part, I really enjoy using this Orange Vanilla handmade soap by DeShawn Marie. The Orange Vanilla scent is a real wake up kind of soap. I like showering with it in the mornings, since it is such a lively scent, it helps wake me up and have me ready to face my day.

The description for her Orange Vanilla soap from her website reads:

“This juicy deliciousness is bursting with natural orange essence and a hint of vanilla, talk about yummy! Ground orange peel is sprinkled on the top of this soap for texture and exfoliation qualities.”

I am happy to say that I have not experienced any type of allergic skin reaction from using it, which is always a perk for anyone who does experience this from time to time while trying new products. This Orange Vanilla handmade soap by DeShawn Marie leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and soft. I like that! Although, this soap does have a lovely scent and leaves my skin feeling soft and fresh, it does not linger on for a very long time. For some, this may seem a drawback; however, for me I actually like that it does fade away, since I do enjoy wearing various types of perfumes and the scent from the soap does not take away from my chosen perfume scent.

After using this handmade gourmet soap for a while, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys his or her bath time or shower time. If you are searching for a good wholesome handmade soap, you should definitely go by and visit DeShawn Marie.

A special Thank You to DeShawn Marie for the use of the Orange Vanilla photo!

The Scent of Roses

Perfect Rose Handmade Soap
Perfect Rose Handmade Soap | Source

Perfect Rose Handmade Soap DeShawn Marie

I met DeShawn through Twitter where she announced her handmade soap giveaway back in November of last year. The first soap I received and reviewed was the Orange Vanilla scent and it is wonderful too!

This time I received the Perfect Rose soap in the mail. I can tell you, that this is some awesomely scented handmade soap. It smells so very good! The scent of roses is so strong that it brings back memories of planting and growing roses with my grandmother. The scent of roses is strong and heady with this little bar of luxurious bubbles!

The whole house smells like roses when you crawl out of the tub or shower and the scent stays with you all day long. Since the scent is so clean and strong of roses, I have not even bothered with applying any other perfume scents, since I started using this rose scented handmade soap. I am really, impressed with this perfect rose handmade vegan soap from DeShawn Marie! This rose scented soap offers splendid amounts of nice lather and bubbles. The soap makes you feel refreshed and exhilarated. It is great for early morning showers and baths as well as late evening soaks in the tub or shower.

Product Review Deshawn Maries Handmade Soap

Perfect Rose

From DeShawn Marie's Handmade Soap site:

~Perfect Rose Handmade Soap~

"This romantic combination was blended for love.

Containing the essence of Rose and Jasmine, this skin conditioning soap has actual dried rose petals throughout the soap."

"DeShawn Marie Perfect Rose Vegan Handmade Soap. Made with real rose petals and rose fragrance

oil. Handcrafted in small batches from natural ingredients collected from all over the world."

As she mentions in her own description of her vegan handmade rose scented soap it does contain real rose petals, I think that is a special perk of having and using such finely made soaps. I know I just love the idea of bathing with rose petals; it makes me feel special and like such a girl!

If you enjoy the scent of roses, you will absolutely enjoy using DeShawn Marie's Perfect Rose soap. In addition, since it is so close to Valentine's Day, I think this is one of the most perfect gift ideas for anyone on your gift-giving list who loves roses or who enjoys using fragrant skin conditioning handmade soaps.

A special thank you to DeShawn Marie for the use of the Perfect Rose Handmade Soap.

Floral Scents

Gardenia Chamomile Handmade Soap
Gardenia Chamomile Handmade Soap | Source

Gardenia Chamomile

Deshawn Marie Handmade Soap

As mentioned in two earlier product reviews of Deshawn Marie’s Handmade Soap for her Orange Vanilla scented soap and her Perfect Rose scented soap, I won the opportunity to try some of this soap free for a year, by participating in one of her many giveaways from her blog. I noticed Deshawn Marie on Twitter, took her up on her giveaway proposal, and then won that giveaway.

Last month I received the next handmade soap from this giveaway contest. This time I get to try out her Gardenia Chamomile handmade soap. I will have to say that this soap is another wonderful scent that reminds me of gardening with my grandmother, since the scent of fresh blooming Gardenia was another favorite plant growing on the property, besides the all the wonderful roses in her garden.

Gardenia is one of those incredibly strongly scented flowers; it has various healing properties, as does the Chamomile flower. Gardenia has natural antibacterial, antifungal and astringent healing properties that make it a great choice for soap making. The Gardenia seemingly originate from China and Japan, however there are numerous hybrids growing all over the world today.

In fact, there is one of grandmother’s gardenia plants growing heartily just outside my front door and the scent in bloom is amazingly sweet and over powerful. Truly, this scent helps me recall memories of my sweet grandmother.

Soap Making Supplies

Product Review: Gardenia Chamomile Deshawn Marie Handmade Soap

Chamomile is well known by many individuals the world round because of its many uses according to its healing properties. It also has natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergen properties. This plant has the ability to do many helpful things; it is one can help you to relax, while using it whether you are using it as a tea, essential oil or in a finished handmade product such as soap.

I was thrilled to be trying out a new handmade soap by Deshawn Marie, as after trying the two soaps before this one, I am definitely hooked when it comes to knowing that these soaps not only smell of various wonderful scents, they also do not cause me any type of allergic skin reaction. In fact, although I do not suffer from adverse skin conditions other than sometimes having an allergic reaction to some products, I have noticed a nice difference in the condition of my skin. These handmade soaps do not dry you out; they actually work to enhance the healthy condition of your skin.

A quote about this wonderful Gardenia Chamomile handmade vegan soap by Deshawn Marie:

"Soft, feminine and seductive this soap seems to seduce the senses in a clever way. Containing the sensual oil of Gardenias and the soothing aroma of Chamomile this soap attracts your feminine side in more ways than one."

Gardenia Chamomile handmade soap by Deshawn Marie provides a great lather and bathing experience leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean as well as offering you a wonderful scent to indulge yourself in while bathing or showering. I highly recommend using these various types of handmade soaps.

A special Thank You to DeShawn Marie for the use of the Gardenia Chamomile photo!

Handmade Soap Product Reviews

These are just a few of the different types of handmade soaps by DeShawn Marie. She makes various other scents or fragrances of soaps. I will be adding a few more handmade soap product reviews to this hub as time permits me too.

So, be sure to bookmark the page so you can come back later to find out about some of the other types of handmade soaps by DeShawn Marie that I have found useful and with a lovely scent,

If you love lots of bubbles and lather as well as some delicious fragrances, DeShawn Marie makes the very best!

...and once again, a special Thank You DeShawn Marie, for photo use...

Do You Enjoy Using Handmade Soap?

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    7 years ago

    The orange vanilla sounds really nice.

  • sorana lm profile image

    sorana lm 

    7 years ago

    I love homemade soap. This is a great selection of soaps. Thanks.


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