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Hatley Raincoats for the Stylish Little Girl

Updated on April 14, 2013

Buy a Hatley Raincoat for Your Mini Diva Today

Do you love dressing your little girl in stylish, yet functional clothing? If so, then the Hatley raincoat collection, with matching rain boots and umbrella are what you need.

These beautiful designs are whimsical and sweet, without being childish. The raincoats are well made and made from PVC free materials. This makes them perfect for rainy Spring weather and some are lined for colder temperatures.

I love the front gathers and the pockets. Snap closures make it easy for little fingers to put their coats on by themselves. Parents and teachers will love that!

Your little girl's face will light up when she sees the lovely patterns. These make perfect Christmas or birthday gifts for little girls. You might as well make those rainy days fun and add a bit of cheery color to the day.

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About the Hatley Raincoat Sets

Hatley Raincoats

Each of these raincoats is an original design from Hatley. They are made of soft, PVC free polyurethane. It is water repellant and line with a warm terry cloth lining. Each lining coordinates beautifully with the outside raincoat pattern. They have snap closures and two front pockets for your child's convenience. The coats are machine washable for easy care and just hang them up to dry.

Hatley rain boots coordinate with the Hatley raincoat and umbrella. The boots are made of 100% rubber and are lined with cotton. They have pull up handles on each boot for easy on. The rain boots are hand washable.

Each Hatley umbrella coordinates with a raincoat and rain boots. They are designed for safety with a wooden handle and wooden tip. They are 100% nylon and are hand washable and drip dry.

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children Nordic Bugs Rain CoatCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children's Nordic Bugs Rubber BootCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Nordic Bugs UmbrellaCHECK PRICE

This set is a very cute ladybug pattern on a blue background.

Hatley Girls 2-6x Cupcakes Children Rain CoatCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6x Cupcakes Childrens' Rubber BootCHECK PRICE

Hatley Cupcakes Kids' Umbrella - One SizeCHECK PRICE

This set is a teal/aqua blue color covered in yummy and adorable cupcakes.

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children Butterflies S12 Rain CoatCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children's Butterfly Dots Rubber BootCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Butterfly Dots UmbrellaCHECK PRICE

Butterflies! This is sure to make your little girl smile. This set is blue with pink trimmings and beautiful butterflies.

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children Blue Flowers Rain CoatCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children's Blue Flowers Rubber BootCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Blue Flowers UmbrellaCHECK PRICE

A rosy pink set with big blue flowers is offered here. This set almost looks Hawaiian.

Hatley Girls 2-6x Winter Birds Rain CoatCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6x Winter Birds Rubber BootCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6x Winter Birds UmbrellaCHECK PRICE

I grew up in a relatively warm climate, so this would have been perfect for my winter coat. I love the wintery feeling with the cardinals. Very pretty!

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children Candy Rain CoatCHECK PRICE

Hatley Girls 2-6X Children's Candy Rubber BootCHECK PRICE

This twosome has a light yellow background and a candy, cake, and other sweets pattern. Fun!

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Hatley Raincoats in Limited Sizes - Hatley Raincoats

The raincoats featured here are available in limited sizes and they do not necessarily have matching accessories. Check out the styles and patterns and see if there is one that you like.

What do you think of the Hatley brand raincoats?


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