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Updated on January 27, 2015

Love Those Hats!

I love hats. Not sure where the fascination came in but I do love the styles, colors and fabrics of hats. My grandmother, as far back as I could remember, wore a hat. She had one I especially liked that had a feather on the side. I always thought she looked grand. Maybe that is why I like hats.

The Red Hats Society are know for the occasional sporting of a red and/or purple hat. That seems to clash but, when you see the two together, they look pretty sharp.

My grandfather wore a hat as well, but I thought he wore them because he was use to it because he came from back East and most people wore hats in the East.

So, with my lens, we will travel into the history of hats, I will share some of my crocheted hats and much more. Come along on my journey of the hat.

Note: The little character below is wearing a crocheted hat and was created to prop open my door. It is a little girl, with braids and wearing a hat.

You Have Got To Have Heart

My granddaughter sporting a nice pink hat... Maybe a future news reporter.

History of it all...

Hats have been around a long time. Men were the first to flaunt their wares. The hat was found in the tomb Thebes, a coolie style straw. Hats have been worn for ceremonial, religious, safety, fashion, social status and to identify the military.

Women didn't get to celebrate hats much until the 17th century. If fact, the term milliner didn't come into being till the late 17th century. In the Elizabethan era, people's status was shown by how they lived: living location, diet, and dress, which would include hats. The wealthy would be able to select the fabrics and colors - not so for the poor. The poor would wear to mutest of colors and designs. The wealthy could afford hats and clothing that closed with buttons, many made of gold and silver.

During the Elizabethan period, women would wear wigs and hair pieces to extend the hair. One particular design worn was the coif, a close fitting linen cap. Many times it was worn under other hats or hoods, especially in the Netherlands and England; many embroidered and bobbin-lace-trimmed English coifs survive from this period (Wikipedia). The first recorded milliner, maker of women's hats, was 1529. More history in depth can be read over at: hats UK. I hope you will visit their site.

Photo credit:

White Hat Usually Meant "Good Guy" In The Westerns

Self test.

The white hat to the right, belong to a famous singing cowboy:

1.Wyatt Earp

2.Tom, the villian

3.Roy Rogers.

4.Will Rogers

Answer given later....

Amazon of Hats

Are you shopping for a hat? I know where there is an amazon of hats.

Red Hats

I made this hat for my friend Lori, for her Red Hats Club.

What is Audrey Wearing?

1. Bonnet

2. Pillbox

3. Pouf

4. Cloche

Answer will appear later ....

Answer to the cowboy hat question: Roy Rogers

Shown Below - Vintage Printables - fun site


Making The Hat Scene

You must, if you watch nothing else here, watch Crazy Hats. Notice the date 1997-98....Wow.

Pink Beret

I created this little cutie with #10 crochet threat. I like to put a cute pin in it for extra color.

Note: Answer to the Audrey question: Pillbox

A crown is merely a hat that lets the rain in. Frederick The Great

A Day At The Races

For that special hat when you go to the races, or just a fun outing - try: Lady Diane

Uncle Sam's Hat

A hat that is feared by many - because it is here to help you - whether you need it or not!

credit clker are

The Newsboy Cap

My Favorite "all around" hat.

I picked up this cute hat off eBay

M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e

It was not until 1955 that the original Mickey Mouse Club show hit the airwaves. 57 Years Later original Mouseketeers' s grandchildren are wear Mickey ears.

Millions of kids have owned one of these hats.

Millions of kids have owned one of these hats.
Millions of kids have owned one of these hats.

What Hat?

You have got to love Eliza's hat.

Everyone love a good Easter Bonnet.

Or Johnny Depp's large hatter hat.

Feedback From My Readers

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love hats! You found some beauties!


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