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Hawk Hair Cuts

Updated on March 29, 2014

Mowhawk, Fauxhawk, Lowhawk, Frohawk... However do you knowhawk?

Hawk hair cuts are quite popular. Today you see them everywhere. I even have now right now as I am typing this (see pic)

The problem comes in getting your hawk hair cut the way you want it. You have to be able to communicate how you want your hawk. That is the key.

Read on below as we will explore the differences and the key features of hawk hair cuts.

Defining the general hawk hair cut universe

Hawk hair cuts are also called ridge line hair cuts.

The basic idea is that the hair cut has an area of greater length somewhere on the top that forms a ridge line. Notice, I did not say in the middle. Hawks can be off center, diagonal, curved, etc.

The sides can be any length from shaved to the skin to much longer and fuller. The ridge can be any length from stratospheric liberty spikes to just a buzzed stripe.

As we explore hawk haircuts below we will point out the different characteristics that distinguish one kind of hawk hair cut form another.

Bottom line... hawk hair cuts are cool. hawk hair cuts get noticed. hawk hair cuts are different... and different is good!

The basic types of hawk hair cuts - Read on!

Following are images of each and definitions and much more...

  • Traditional short mohawk
  • Long Mowhawk
  • Liberty spike mowhawk
  • fauxhawk
  • Lowhawk
  • Frohawk

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Sort'in out the hawk hair cuts

here is a video in which I briefly explain the differences in hawk hair cuts.

The fauxhawk haircut

Not a hawk hair cut

This is a faked (faux) hawk hair cut. This is a hawk hair cut for a guy with a job.

A fauxhawk is just that. it is faux. it is not really a hair cut at all. it is a styling trick.

The basic fauxhawk is ANY hair cut that has been pushed into the center with a big glop of hair styling gel.

A fauxhawk is perfect for a guy or a girl that can not have a REAL hawk hair cut. It is ideal for someone who wants to sport a hawk hair look on Saturday night and then needs to be able to go to work on Monday morning.

Any head of hair can be a faux hawk... that is any head with hair on the top. Sorry guys. Some of you can NOT have a hawk.

This image is a definite fauxhawk. he has a ridge line. The ridge line is NOT cut in. You can comb this another way and it is just a guy with a nice hair cut. Not a bad think. Just, it is what it is. it is faux.

Get some hair gel and anyone can go faux any time.

A fauxhawk is a sweet way to road test a hawk style. If mom or your employer FREAKS out... No harm. No foul. No hawk hair cut tomorrow.

Try a fauxhawk for size. see how you like the look.

The traditional Mowhawk hair cut

Skinned sides and long ridgeline

A mowhawk is defined as a ridge line hair cut with a distinct disconnection between the ridge line and the sides. There are many variations in looks and styles and types of mowhawk hair cuts. The key is the disconnection.

If there is a blended transition between the ridge line and the sides it is NOT a mowhawk. (more on what it is in a bit).

The top can be very high. The sides can range from skinned to longer... but the key is that distinct, non-blended disconnection between the ridge line and the sides.

Variations many

Notice the sides are short... so it the top... But the disconnection says it all... A mowhawk does NOT need to be long enough at the ridge line to poke your eyes out to be a mowhawk.


... yet another

It is a mowhawk. It is disconnected. It is NOT shaved on the sides. Another way to "skin" the mowhawk cat... so to speak.

The Lowhawk hair cut

Currently the MOST popular of the hawk hair cuts

The low hawk gets its name form 2 key characteristics.

The lowhawk hair cut is just not all that tall. Maximum height is generally lower due to the fact that the other key element of this style is the blended transition form ridge line to the sides, from sides up to the ridge.

The sides can be any length from shaved to fuller. The ridge line CAN be any length... as long as the sides smoothly blend into the ridge line. This is the key. SCULPTING in, (cutting) the progressive transition form sides to ridge line peak.

Head shapes and sizes, therefore, limit the real possible maximum ridge height that can be executed and STILL maintain a complete, jump and disconnection free blend.

See the image here... Most of Beckham's looks have been blended lowhawk forms. He is the big time celebrity ambassador of the Lowhawk hair cut.

Cutting a Lowhawk - A fast how-to video

Here is a fast video demo of me cutting a Lowhawk at a class at a cosmetology school recently

Get some hawk tools and rock a hawk for yourself - NOW!

Andis is the king of clippers... Go for it!

The Frohawk hair cut

A lowhawk on Afro textured hair

A blended transition look carved into Afro textured hair is a lowhawk variation called a frohawk. If it were disconnected it would NOT fit into this category... as soon as the ridge line is disconnected it is a classic mowhawk.

These are way cool. These are fun to cut. These are good looking.

Want to cut a hawk haircut? - You will need a clipper comb

Now that you know more... - ... please vote

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Which is your favorite hawk hair cut?

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Love 'em or hate 'em - People get passionate about hawk hair cuts

Love hawk hair cuts or hate 'em?

Love 'em

Love 'em

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    • anonymous 5 years ago

      I love them! I'm growing out my hair now to get my fro hawk

    • Clipperguy 5 years ago

      Sportin' one as we speak (type)

    Hate 'em

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      Hair graphics in Hawk hair cuts

      Hawk hair cuts present a great canvass for graphic designs on the sides of the head. This is a very popular style trend right now.

      The art is limited only by the creativity of the artist.

      Different colors, textures and densities of the hair does have an impact on the degree of crispiness of the finished image and result.

      In the example note that not only has the design been carved in but variations in length have been used to create shading and tonal variation.

      Designs require trimmers - Have a look and get the right tool for carving designs

      T blade trimmers are the tools of choice for professionals doing hair design graphics work. Andis is the king of this category.

      Go for it!

      Talkin' Hawkin' - Here is your place to spew Hawk...

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