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How To Tie A Head Scarf

Updated on March 3, 2013

Differant Ways To Wear A Head Scarf

I am not sure when the trend of head scarf started by I have always love it. While I am sure women used to wear them a lot to keep their hair out of the way while cleaning they can be used for more then that now.

They can be used in the classic head band style that look fresh with the right pattern. Or go for a dramatic look and wear your head band in the turban style. Or just dress up your everyday ponytail with your scarf for a little something new to a simple hair style.

Look below for three great and simple styles to use your cool new head scarf. And if you just are not confident enough to tie your own scarf yet, give pre-tied or already tied head scarves a try.

How To Tie A Head Scarf: Head Band Style - Keep Your Hair Out Of Your Face On Windy Days With This Head Scarf Style

Fold your head scarf in half then fold then take the longer piece and fold every inch until a band is formed. Wrap the band across your forehead. You can either tuck it over your ears or wrap it over. Then with a fat knot tie it at the bottom of the neck. You can either tuck in the ends or let them hang.

Easy To Tie Or Pre Tied Hair Scarves Bands

These easy to tie or already tied scarves are great for women like me that just can not get it right when tying the knots every time. In fact I use to fear wearing the bands in public because I was afraid that I would have to re-tie my scarf and it may not turn out just right. The easy to tie bands made just for this worked wonderful.

How To Tie A Head Scarf: Ponytail Wrap - A Gamorous Way To Wear A Head Scarf

Fold your head scarf in half. Then starting at the long end fold the scarf every inch to form a long band. Wrap the head scarf around your ponytail two times, then tie in a neat knot. Let the ends hang or tie them up in a bow. I prefer letting the ends go, I feel it makes it look more mysterious.

Ponytail Head Scarf

This has to be one of my favorite already tied scarfs that come ready to wear. You just put your hair up in a ponytail and then are ready to put your scarf on, it can cover up some of the most terrible frizzy hair days one can think of and looks just beautiful on.

How To Tie A Scarf: The Turban - A casual And Relaxing Way To Wear A Head Scarf

Fold the head scarf into a triangle. Then drape it over the head with each ends of the long part of the triangle in hands while the point is pointing down the neck. Tie the two end that are in hand together at the nape of the neck over the point of the scarf in a simple knot. Bring the end back up to the top of the for head and tie a large neat knot.

Pre Tied Turban Head Scarfs

If you are not confident in tieing your own head scarfs not worry. Check out the selection on pre tied turban head scarfs. My favorite is the black one because it would match a lot of outfits, but I also like the white one.

What Is Your Favorite Way To Tie A Head Scarf?

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