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healthy skin care tips

Updated on November 4, 2009

Healthy skin care tips

Healthy skin care tips

 Healthy skin care tips

an idea on healthy skin care with tips

Are you looking for skin care tips that really work and also confused of what product will works well for men and women? Is there any difference between the skin of men and women? These are some common questions that most people ask when looking for products or solutions.

Teens are serious about their skin therefore they use creams and other products in order to protect their skin from the toxins of the environment and extra glow. On the other hands 30 – 40s wants to prevent ageing, wrinkles so they usually go for some ski care products while maintaining healthy lifestyle in order to prevent early signs of aging and have a fresh skin.

If you really want healthy young looking skin then try to make a healthy lifestyle, you can take all the products you want, but  is very but important to take proper skin care to avoid visual signs of ageing.

If you are men or women follow these tips for proper skin care:


Before going out, try to use sunscreen lotion to avoid age spots and early wrinkles. Make a healthy exercise plan go for exercises regularly, try to go for Exercise every day for at least 20 to 30 minutes to maintain your body healthy and let your blood flow through all your body. Drink plenty of water everyday. Water helps eliminate toxins.

Add some healthy fruits and vegetables to your diet menu or take supplements so you can have the necessary anti oxidants.

Eliminate stress and anger from your life by going to yoga or meditation classes regularly.

 There are many creams available in the market according to the skin types there are some subtle differences in the skin of men and women, for example men’s skin is more prone to inflammation and roughness. Always try to buy natural ingredients based products for your good.


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