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Choosing the Right Pair of Shoes Is a Must if you’re a Female

Updated on August 21, 2016

Buying female shoes

Buying female shoes can be very difficult due the variety of models and colors available to choose from. Although you’d want to buy some beautiful and sexy looking shoes, you should also consider the comfort level of the shoes you’re buying.

Nothing is more annoying than wearing a pair of shoes that are so uncomfortable. From my experience, it’s something I wish I never have to experience again. Especially if you’re wearing high heel shoes which may already be not too comfortable to walk in. Therefore, it’s very important to choose the right pair of shoes when you’re buying.

4 Foot facts you should know:

1- It’s known that approximately 9 in 10 women wear shoes that are too small for them.

2- An approximation of 8 out 10 women are wearing shoes that are painful.

3- Women are prone to develop foot problem due to inappropriate shoes.

4- 9 out of 10 foot problems in women are caused by shoes that are too tight for them.

These facts show that women are having lots of troubles with shoes. Although they love buying every beautiful pair of shoes they can put their hands on, they’re not educating themselves about the effects of wearing the wrong ones.

These facts should tell you something about women and shoes. If you were to conduct a study to know the average number of shoes a woman has, I think it would be astounding to look at the results. Let these numbers speak for themselves if you don’t believe me.

I bet you didn’t know women were spending so much money in shoes. When it comes to shoes, most women would have more than they really need. I don’t know why there’s such an affection for them, but it’s something that women have to work on in order not to spend all their money buying shoes.

How to buy the right pair of shoes

You may think that just because you’re an adult your feet size stay constant. Yes, I used to think the same thing too until I’ve done my research and learned I was wrong. The same way your shoes can change from wear and tear, your feet can also lose their form as you’re getting older. In fact, your feet size changes throughout the days. When you wake up in the morning your feet are well relaxed, but as the day is progressing you legs may get a little swollen which can also affect your feet size.

For this reason the earlier you can buy your shoes during the day the better it is for you. You don’t want to buy some shoes that are too tight or too large.

Every shoe is not designed for the same occasion, when a designer is designing a pair of shoes there’s an idea in mind as of why these pair of shoes are being designed. For that matter, you should buy your shoes according to the occasion.

If you want some shoes to go to work, you’ll need to find a pair that will be comfortable in your feet when you’re sitting in front of your desk. If you want your shoes for a party you’ll need to find a pair that you can dance with. Therefore, choosing the right pair of shoes when you’re shopping becomes so important.

In conclusion

Women like to buy shoes; the average women would have so many pair of shoes in their closet while they’re not even wearing them. It feels good when we’re buying them, but we should also know which pair of shoes we should or should not buy.

By buying the right pair of shoes, you’ll always have a better experience wearing them. You won’t cause your feet to be bruised up or to have any problem that may be caused by a bad shoe.


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