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Heart Nail Designs

Updated on December 31, 2015

Heart Nails

Hearts are a fantastic theme to use for your nail art, as it represents a feeling or relationship that can be applied to a wide variety of circumstances.

You could of course be going out on a date with your husband or sweetheart. Wearing heart nails is a way of expressing how you feel about him.

But because love isn't only about romance, anyone you deeply love, like a father, mother, child, or special friend, would be appreciative when they notice your nails and you let them know you did it specifically for them. How could you lose with that?

And of course heart nails are for special occasions like Valentine's day, anniversaries, or any event where it would be appropriate to show your love in the heart nail designs you display.

Heart Nail Designs

There are an array of nail art heart designs; far too many to be able to discuss or show.

But here is a gallery of a good representation of what the ladies like to design when using the heart theme for their nails.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of traditional feminine colors like red and pink, although most are blended with rhinestones or a variety of other colors and elements to create a very distinct look; a look that is completely different from one another, as you'll see below.

Cute Heart Nail Art on Red Base

Choosing this first set of nails with a heart design was based upon the very cute nails, which most women would be able to design on their own. Many times nail art has become so specialized, that some women are intimidated when attempting to design their own nails.

This is a great example of simple, but very effective nail designs that are sure to delight the person they were created for.

That's not to say they don't look good, because they absolutely do. Sometimes doing it yourself is another way of showing a person you love them deeply, and are secure enough to show them that via your own design.

I like the way every nail has a unique way of saying "I love you" to a special person in your life.


Heart Nails with Horizontal Pink and White

Here we have a gorgeous look with the long nails and hearts placed on the horizontal pink and white color base.

While not a personal fan of longer nails, for those that love them, they are great because they provide a larger canvass where you can place larger items like the big hearts, which will definitely capture the attention of the person you're with.


Black Hearts on Beige Background

With this nail heart example the colors change, but not the quality, as the decision to place black heart over a beige background was a good one, as is the inclusion of the scrolling lines to accentuate the design.

This shows how nice hearts can be incorporated into nail art, even when not using the more traditional pink and red colors.


Fun Nail Heart Video Tutorials

Below are several nail heart video tutorials, including a variety of designs. There is a themed nail heart design for Christmas; another for short nails, using a heart French tip design; one using rhinestones and glitter for a bold statement; and another using candy hearts.

Together they provide a glance at a variety of looks, designs and methods to create some great nail art using a heart theme.

Heart French Tip Nail Design For Short Nails

Heart Nail Art Design

Candy Heart Nail Design

Christmas Mini Hearts Nail Design

Nails with Hearts on Zebra Design

I like the creativity here, where the zebra design was laid and the hearts placed over it.

It's very cute and includes a couple of different themes to generate a look that differentiates from the norm. What's better than using one of your favorite nail designs and planting a heart over it to express your love toward someone?


Ornate Nail Art Heart Design

This set of nails are very ornate, with a lot of fun additions like the rhinestones and hearts.

Now if the loved one you're trying to express your love for doesn't notice this, that person would almost have to be blind.

The wonderful pinks, whites, purples and blues all blend together to create a gorgeous set of nails, and I especially like the dual colored hearts with the pink and white.

Also nice is the use of the blue and pink on the same nail in some cases.


Pink and Black Heart Bubble Nails

Using a pink background with the black hearts and tips was an awesome one. Add to that the wonderful decision to include some bubbles in the nail design, and the result is a very attractive one.

This type of design isn't that hard to figure out when you look at it from the point of view of various nail art designs, whereby you think of ways to use them together to create a completely different look.

Here is a successful example of that. One that looks really good.


Nail Art with Heart Designs

You can see from these examples why heart designs is such a compelling choice for your nails.

There are innumerable ways to incorporate disparate elements to make an awesome statement to your loved one; with the focus on the meaning behind the art, but also, secondarily, on the art itself.

Combine the two and you have a real winner that will be remembered and appreciated for a long time.


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    • Jasmeetk profile image

      Jasmeet Kaur 4 years ago from India

      lovely nail art ideas....!!

    • memel03 profile image

      Melody Lanei 5 years ago from Queens, New York

      Very Cool!! Thanks for sharing! I hate doing my nails but this made me want to try!