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The 14k Two-Tone Diamond Heart Ring

Updated on October 2, 2013

The Two Tone Diamond Heart Ring

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The Gorgeous Engagement Ring: 14k Two-Tone Diamond Heart Ring

The sweet and enduring love of two people is beautifully symbolized in the 14k Two-Tone Diamond Heart Ring. Two hearts, one in 14k yellow gold and one in 14k white gold, blend together on this ring to create wonderful display. Each heart shape features a sparkling diamond suspended from its curving top which complements the channel-set diamonds framing the ring. Wear your heart on your hand everyday with this elegant and classy piece.

The one thing that I loved about this ring that was purchased by my husband is that it is very unique while maintaining an air of elegance. With many unique and creative products maintenance is usually difficult and yet with this ring this is not the case, I have found it to be a quality product both in look and in the fact that it has held up after a few months. I would say it would be hard to find something similar at such a discounted price.

I have had this ring for over a year now and it is still in great condition. It is a beautiful ring, however, be aware that it may be a little smaller in person that it appears online. The diamonds are pretty small. But it was just right for our occasion. I wear it on my middle finger because my husband must have ordered a size too large to fit the ring finger it was intended for. Since it was purchased from Amazon we could have sent this back and just re-ordered a smaller size but I got a more traditional ring instead for my ring finger and just wear both.

I would advice any men looking to buy for their partners to either find a way of asking their partners ring size. If it is a surprise take a ring of theirs to a jeweller and find out what size they are.

I read a lot of reviews to decide on this one and am very glad I did. If you are worried about buying jewelry online which I can relate to realise that Amazon and its partners are large retailers with reputations to protect and will not scam you and run. If you need to return an item you can do so although be sure to check the specifics as you will not get shipping and handling back. (They have given me my shipping and handling back in the past so they will do their best if the mistake was on their part).

The ring looked exactly like the picture on the website! In dim light the, diamonds look a little faded; but once the natural light floods over the ring it just "pops". The shipping was outstanding; the ring came a day earlier than expected. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great piece of jewelry on a budget.

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