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My Life, My Hemp Wallet

Updated on April 24, 2017

I've had my Hempmania hemp wallet for over a decade. It's been with me everywhere and it's impossible to imagine life without it. Here's why.

Oddly enough, I originally bought this wallet as a temporary solution. The "military-style" nylon wallet I had at the time was falling apart on me. I bought it soon after Basic Training and it hardly lasted a couple years. My mom promised me a super-slick Ralph Lauren leather wallet for my birthday--which was two months away. (Army moms are like that). All I had to do was wait until I visited my family back home.

Until then whenever I paid for something or showed my ID, a shower of cards, receipts and money sprinkled the floor. Not cool. The classy thing to do would be to hold everything together with a couple thick rubber bands. Instead, I went shopping.

When I think hemp, I think nature and hippies
When I think hemp, I think nature and hippies | Source

Hemp to the rescue!

I needed something cheap and slim. Durability would be a plus, too. Nylon was the last thing on my mind. No need for leather, either. Soon I was looking at the Bi-fold hemp wallet from Hempmania.

Hemp? Isn't that marijuana? No. Hemp is the cannabis plant that can do just about anything EXCEPT get someone high. On the other hand, marijuana is the cannabis plant with the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that gets people high.

I didn't care. As long as the wallet was legal and would do the job it was fine by me. A few dollars and a few days later, I was looking at my first hemp wallet. I was fascinated. It was very strong for something made from a plant. The quality was impressive, too. I couldn't believe it. For the price I paid, it was the best deal I can remember.

I gave my leather wallet to my brother (sorry Mom) and Hempmania is still with me. Now I live in Japan. Unlike the United States, Japan uses a lot of cash and coins. This really puts the zipper change pocket to the test. More than that, the businesses here love to offer plastic point cards to encourage brand loyalty. That's what's really wearing my wallet down. Then again, this wallet isn't designed to hold so many cards.

My girlfriend saw the punishment my hemp wallet had taken through the years and couldn't stand it. Not long ago, she took me to Sannomiya in Kobe for a new wallet. The one she bought me is big and bulky. It's almost like a small purse! It barely fits in my back pocket and when I sit down, I have to take it out and put it on my lap. Still, whenever I go back to the States, it's back to hemp.

Here's what my hemp wallet looks like

Click thumbnail to view full-size
My hemp bifold wallet Bill-holder, zipper pocket for change with two card slots on the left One card slot on the right The backside
My hemp bifold wallet
My hemp bifold wallet | Source
Bill-holder, zipper pocket for change with two card slots on the left
Bill-holder, zipper pocket for change with two card slots on the left | Source
One card slot on the right
One card slot on the right | Source
The backside
The backside | Source

Hemp: the trillion dollar crop

Do you own anything made of hemp? Are you interested?

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  • profile image

    katiesnow 3 years ago

    My husband has had a hemp wallet for ten years now...he also can't live without it! I have a hemp hand lotion, it is the best I have ever used... I agree with you that hemp products are great!