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How to Dye Your Hair Pure Red With Henna

Updated on August 12, 2014

Soft, silky and Healthy!

Henna comes from the Henna plant leaves that are grounded into a fine powder, because of this henna is 100% natural. If you buy it from the right places, there should not be any added chemicals mixed into the powder. Which also means you can leave it in as long as you want! Most people apply the henna and then sleep with it in their hair overnight, but I like to wash it out after three hours, because I'm a busy lady.

Curing the Henna

If you buy the henna online from Henna King like I do, then you can skip this step because Henna King does this process for you. However, if you are buying the henna from the local supermarket, then you need to cure it. Curing it allows the henna's red dye to really come out, you'll need to do this for a redder color.

Curing Process

  1. Take the amount of henna powder you need, and add 2 tbsp of lemon juice.
  2. Add water little by little, while stopping to mix it with a metal spoon occasionally, continue to add water until you get a thick paste, like toothpaste.
  3. Once it is well mixed, put plastic wrap over it, and let it sit for up to 12 hours.
  4. Optional: Henna will dry your hair, so you can add an egg or some olive oil into the mixture as a moisturizing agent.

How to Dye Your Hair Pure Red With Henna

Beautiful red hair can be achieved with henna!
Beautiful red hair can be achieved with henna! | Source

What You'll Need

  • 100-300g (depending on hair length) The Henna, Already cured or simply mixed with water (and moisturizing ingredients)
  • Gloves
  • Hair cap
  • Paper towels
  • Vaseline, Optional
  • Conditioner, For later

Applying Henna

You've either finished curing it, or didn't cure it at all because you bought the pre-cured henna. You're now ready to apply it! This is going to be a messy process so lay some paper towels down and wear a dark coloured shirt, also make sure you get a hair cap, remember this will be in your hair for a minimum of two hours. I usually just glob the henna all over my head (with gloves on of course). Lastly make sure you wipe off any henna that gets on your skin! Or it will stain your skin red. You can apply some Vaseline along the hairline to keep the henna off your skin.


  • Use sulfate free shampoo, it makes a huge difference, and your henna hair will last a LOT longer!
  • Multiple uses of henna will thicken your hair over time!
  • After your hair gains its moisture back your hair will be a LOT softer
  • Showering in cold water helps your henna last longer! Don't believe me? Switch from cold and hot next time you shower and you'll actually see you henna run down the drain more.
  • While chemical red dyes last 1-2 weeks, henna lasts double or even triple that amount of time! (Personal experience)
  • You can henna over chemical dye, but you can't chemically dye over henna, you have to wait until it completely comes out!

Washing it out

This was probably the most annoying process, the henna really does dry out your hair, so make sure you have some super moisturizing conditioner. DO NOT SHAMPOO your hair, it will wash out all the henna, it's preferable to wash it out two days later, but I usually wait until my hair becomes a little greasy. Trust me the longer you wait the better.

Video Tutorial

Chemical vs Natural

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© 2014 Noshin Rahman


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