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Hermes Bag Prices

Updated on July 25, 2013

Hermes Classic Bags

They are everywhere, but then again, they are nowhere to be found. Can you understand this feeling? If not, then you havenât searched for your favorite Hermes bag yet. If you did, you would notice that Hermes Birkin and Kelly are hard-to-find.

So even if you have a pile of cash ready to spend, you wouldnât spend it because chances are, you will not find you Birkin and Kelly bag. But then again, they are everywhere, re-sellers and especially in Asia are on the waitlist, patiently standing in line until itâs their turn to buy one of these gorgeous classic bag that everyone is yearning about. They not going to use it, instead it will be put right back in the market, but for a higher price.

Hermes Price Increases

While you are sitting on the waiting list, life still continues. Hermes is not going to wait for you and like Chanel, they too, participate in price increase. How much? Enough for you to shake your head. So whenever you are lucky, that’s when you find the birkin or Kelly in the classic or limited style, I recommend you to buy it. Don’t think just buy it. If not, there is always someone else who wants it.


Hermes Kelly or Birkin styles are available in different countries. But not all prices are reported on the website, not sure way. But nowadays there have made Birkin in different colors, leathers and editions that you can't even keep the track. Prices ranges, depending on the skin and the availability.

Everyone is hunting for Hermes bags, because they are hard-to-get. Either the supply is limited or there's just too much demand. I think it's somewhere in between.

Hermes bags that express wealth and prosperity. Carrying a Hermes Birkin or Kelly bag is like walking on the red carpet. Continuously, all eyes on you. People admire you, some have jealous faces and friends keep telling you that they love your bag.

Image courtesy: Bloomberg

Hermes Kelly Or Birkin?

We have heard numerous times that the Birkin is harder to get than the Kelly. The availability is less or there is just too much demand for the Birkin. If you spotted one, just buy it, don’t wait or you will never get another opportunity again. But this also depends which Birkin you choose, some are rare.

Image courtesy: mylusciouslife

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      Mobley5 4 years ago

      They are beautiful but so expensive......!

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      Love this lense