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High Sierra Wheeled Backpacks Reviews - 2013 Best Rolling Backpack

Updated on March 4, 2013

You Can Carry It All In Sierra Wheeled Backpacks

I've been using High Sierra wheeled backpacks for several years now and I can't remember the last time I packed one of those old-fashioned suitcases. In fact, I can't even remember if I still own one.

If you've traveled long distances by plane then you know how exhausting it can be carting that heavy luggage all over the airport, standing in line at luggage carousels, and trying to find your suitcase. And every time you need your ticket or a couple of bucks you have to put all the suitcases down, dig in your pocket, and pick all the suitcases back up again. By the time you reach your destination you just want to kick your suitcases to the curb!

Once you get a Sierra wheeled backpack you can leave all of that behind. It's roomy enough to pack everything you need and even has a special padded compartment for your laptop. With the wide, padded shoulder straps it's easy to just tote your pack on your back, leaving your hands free when you need to hand over your ticket or dig for change for a cup of coffee.

And when you get tired, the high-quality wheels make it a breeze to just roll your Sierra from one end of the airport to the other. Dump that old luggage now and take a look at the special features of these Sierra Wheeled Backpacks.

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Why I Love Sierra Wheeled Backpacks

  • My Sierra has a roomy, easy-to-use front-access storage compartment where I can keep my airline ticket and itinerary. There's also a key fob that holds my keys securely so I don't have to worry about them falling out as I'm running through the airport. Plus it has pockets for my planner and any media devices I'm carrying.
  • I like that the padded shoulder straps and the handle can all be tucked away inside the backpack. More than once I've gone dashing through an airport and got myself hung up by the shoulder strap or handle and nearly strangled myself. With the Sierra they're tucked neatly out of the way.
  • My Sierra has open side pockets for a water bottle or snacks but I also like the fact that I can put a lock on my backpack for extra security.
  • While it's made of Duralite, an almost indestructible material, I also like the fact that my Sierra has protective corner guards and rub rails. Not only do they protect the backpack but they help protect my valuables inside - including my laptop.
  • No review would be complete without mentioning the Sierra's wheels. These aren't your run-of-the-mill little plastic wheels. They're high-quality with extra thick treads for traction. They're also mounted in the corners which provides extra stability - especially when you're rushing for your next gate.

High Sierra Freewheel Wheeled Book Bag Backpack

The Sierra Freewheel weighs less than 6 1/2 pounds and has a special padded compartment that protects your laptop or notebook.

Easily accessible side pockets for water bottles and a large, zippered outer compartment make it a breeze to travel across town or around the world with this wheeled backpack.

And if you are traveling around the world you can even attach a lock to this backpack for additional security.

What To Look For When Choosing A Wheeled Backpack

  1. Look for a roomy interior, especially if you'll be using your backpack for traveling. The biggest benefit of using a wheeled backpack is that it allows you more freedom while traveling. You don't have to tote all that luggage around. So look for a backpack that has plenty of room for you to pack everything you'll need and you can completely eliminate other pieces of luggage.
  2. Wide, padded shoulder straps are a must for your comfort. No matter what you're carrying, eventually it's going to get heavy.
  3. Look for an easy-to-use handle that locks into place. The handle on the Sierra tucks away inside a zippered compartment so it won't get caught on something while you're using it as a backpack.
  4. External storage is a necessity unless you want to unpack your backpack every time you need to access your water bottle or keys. Look for zippered pockets and storage compartments that you can easily access whether you're wearing the backpack or pulling it along.
  5. When you're traveling or carrying your laptop or other valuables choose a laptop that you can attach a lock to for extra security.
  6. Check the wheels! Not all wheeled backpacks are created equally. The Sierra wheeled backpacks have inline style wheels, mounted in the corners for greater stability and ease of use on any surface.

What will you be carrying in YOUR Sierra sheeled backpack?

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