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Hobbies & Jobs Jibbitz

Updated on April 20, 2013

Hobbies & Jobs Jibbitz

There are lots of Jibbitz for hobbies, recreation, and professions, including medical themes, cheerleading, recreational and team sports, and firefighter and law enforcement symbols. Decorate your Crocs with these fun charms to show what you're into!

Sports Jibbitz

There are Jibbitz for just about every recreational or team sport: basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, gymnastics, cheerleading, hockey, skating, football, diving, golf, hiking, lacrosse, skiing, snowboarding, softball, swimming, and volleyball.

Musical Jibbitz

Music Jibbitz include piano keys, music notes, a saxophone, a French horn, a trumpet, and seven styles of guitars.

Cooking Jibbitz

For chefs and cooks, there are Jibbitz featuring a chef's hat and a whisk.

School Jibbitz

School-themed Jibbitz include books, crayons, scissors, and a yellow school bus.

Firefighter & Paramedic Jibbitz

Fireman Jibbitz! Firefighter and paramedic Jibbitz include a firefighter helmet, a Maltese Cross fire rescue symbol, and a star of life.

Medical Jibbitz

Jibbitz for medical professionals include a caduceus chiropractic symbol, heart and stethoscope, star of life, microscope, nurse's cap, pharmacy symbol, RN symbol, a tooth, a veterinarian symbol, and band-aids in seven colors.

Construction Jibbitz

Builders and carpenters can put their tools on their shoes with drill, hammer, and saw Jibbitz, each available in four colors, and a wrench.

Hairdresser Jibbitz

Barbers and beauticians can get Jibbitz in the shape of hair dryers, a comb and brush, or scissors. Each style is available in several colors.

Police & Sheriff Jibbitz

Law enforcement Jibbitz include a police badge, a silver "Sheriff" star, and a gold "Sheriff" star.

Do you have any of these Jibbitz on your shoes? Tell us your favorites!

Which Jibbitz do you wear on your Crocs?

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