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homemade mask for removing blackheads and pimples

Updated on January 19, 2011

clear blackhead and pimple free face

homemade mask for clear skin

Well this is another issue which is very common from one end of the world to another .and this problem does not arises from a single factors There are many factors giving rise to the pimples and blackheads on the skin.

Various Factors of the pimpled skin is cured under three categories .First to check the hormone balance because increase androgen hormones due to stress,obesity,and many reasons gives pimples on skin.There are various drugs in the marks prescribe by dermatologist to cure this problem .Second  oil free skin which can be achieve by decreasing the sebum production by medicinal cleansers and natural cleansers both.Third killing pimple causing bacteria which are deep inside the epidermis by using anti bacterial agents


I am telling you many real recipes for face packs to treat your pimples and marks and gives yourself glowing look

RECIPE#1 Mix equal equal quantity of cucumber juice and lemon juice.add a pinch of turmeric to it .You can keep this mixture in a bottle for two weeks to be use.Wash your face in the night before going in the bed and apply the mixture with cotton ball like toner .let the mixture dry and then wash face with plain water.Now apply a non greasy moisturizer (clean and clear moisturizer is the best for it) do it daily and u will notice real change in your skin in about 6 weeks because this is a very good anti bacterial mixture and lemon and cucumber will acts excellent pimple removers.

RECIPE#2 Mash strawberries and add gram flour in it to make thick mask.Apply it on face and let it dry .Wash the face with cool water and pat dry.this will helps you removing bleackhead and lightening you pimple marks.

RECIPE#3 Mash a banana and add one teapoon honey to make paste apply the mask on face and let it dry.wash the face with lukewarm water .it is very helpful for softening your skin and resurface the bumps cause by pimple.

RECIPE#4 Take two tablespoons of cornmeal flour and add milk to make thick paste.apply it on face and start scrubbing slowly in circular motion leave it to dry.wash the face and see the difference.This is very great exfoliating mask to remove blackheads,give matte effect to oily skin and acts as antiseptic to kill bacteria causing pimples

If you have anymore question regarding skin problem and want a combination of natural and medicinal drugs to treat the problem ask me without hesitation as i am expert in them.


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    • profile image

      kavyashree 3 years ago

      I m now 19 yrs old.My face complextion not that much white.As mines is oily skin,and got many pimples.I m lookng really bad because of this i m very deppressed ,i couldn't go anywhere outside becoz of this pimple problem.Madam, mine skin fully oily skin,pimples,spots,and blackheads on face.Please suggest me a remedies to remove these pimples and all.

    • profile image

      nazakat ali 3 years ago

      Pimples and balackheads on face

    • profile image

      harsh 3 years ago

      I have many acne pimple and blackheads how can I remove them in one week

    • profile image

      jenifer roselin.S 3 years ago

      for me oil skin...pimples & darkspot fr remove tell some tips??? soon frds

    • profile image

      shahanakhatun 3 years ago

      i am 20 yr old ,i have pimple .... give me some idea and night pack pimple reduce this......

    • profile image

      _DANCE_ 4 years ago

      I do the on with milk and corn flour and me an my friend did it but when she took it off she had red blotches all over her face??do you know what could of happened??!

    • profile image

      tania 4 years ago

      i am 14 years old i have pimples ..... please give me some tips to reduce this

    • profile image

      sania 4 years ago

      i m 14 years old plz give me tips to reduce pimples & oily skin

    • profile image

      Lala superstar 4 years ago

      I bought the Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment to reduce the oil on my combination skin and to get rid of some of my blackheads. Yes! You can use the Citrus Clear spot treatment as a mask as well! My dermatologist told me this, and I am so happy about it!

      I rinse with lots of warm water to open my pores and then use the Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment. About half of my blackheads go away each time I use it! It's a fantastic product and I'm addicted.

    • profile image

      vijaya shanti 4 years ago

      Or tips are really good.I must try it in my home,because I'm housew wife,n had a lot of work wit my kid skin is getting ruff,pimples marks which takes a lot of months to cover into my toneaplz give me crrct solution for those marks

    • profile image

      Yogamama 5 years ago

      Even though I'm almost 30 I still have oily skin, I've been told that I'm lucky. But when I see a cluster of zits on my chin and spacking of blackheads on my forehead... I'm really not feeling

      After unsuccessfully trying a couple of products from the aisles at Walgreens I decided to try the Complexion Scrub from the Shielo brand. From my experience I knew I needed a scrub to eliminate blackheads and help prevent breakouts, especially with summer coming. After 5 months of washing my face once a day like I have in the past, I ultimately fell in love with the Shielo Complexion Scrub , I believe it works just as good as Pro Active for less cost. I follow up the scrub using use products with witch hazel or tea tree oil to soothe my skin and keep my face from becoming overly dry.

    • profile image

      sushma 5 years ago

      i m 19 yrs old girl. From my i guess 16 yrs i m a victim of exists till today too .it doesn't produces scars or acene bt it often occurs at my forehead and chicks.i really want to cure it for ever. i have pimples bt my skin gets dry and rough .i don't know soo help me out..plz.........

    • profile image

      vishakha 5 years ago

      worked miracles thanks...

    • profile image

      cheenu 5 years ago

      regarding recipe 2,,, may i know wat type of flour are we required 2 use???

    • Mrs asif profile image

      Mrs asif 6 years ago

      Thanks jennyjenny.

    • jennyjenny profile image

      jennyjenny 6 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      Great Hub! Thanks for sharing your skin tips!

    • Mrs asif profile image

      Mrs asif 7 years ago

      you welcome

    • profile image

      Goastwrighter 7 years ago

      Thank you!