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Lucky Horseshoe Tattoos

Updated on July 8, 2014

Horseshoe, Heart, Bird, Feather, Anchor, Cross Tattoos

The horseshoe has a lot of meaning, beyond the practical use a horse gets out of it, or a cool piece to hang in your garage, workshop or an entryway.

In the case of tattoos, it's the luck side of the meaning of the horseshoe that is by far the most used symbol of the sometimes talisman.

That means you're going to have other elements associated with luck such as cards, four leaf clovers and Lady Luck as represented by a pretty woman.

Stars and hearts were another part of the design those wishing to have horseshoe tattoos inked on them chose.

This offers some interesting tattoo designs and pieces to play with for the tattoo artist. Oh yest, the word "lucky" was another important part of horseshoe, being incorporated by those wanting to leave nothing to the imagination as to what their tattoo represented.

We'll start off this set with a tattoo of a horseshoe on the hand, between the thumb and forefinger.

This is a very traditional horseshoe image, but is made better by the interesting placement, which I'm sure was a little painful in that delicate area.

It also has a similarity to one of theletters of the Greek alphabet.

Horseshoe Tattoo on Hand

Here's another traditional, standalone tattoo, with the exception of those three circular objects, which I couldn't identify. Again it works okay alone because of the placement and smaller design. That seems to be the way to go with horseshoes inked on by themselves. Below we'll get a look at a bigger one.

Horseshoe Tattoo on Ankle

Anyone who has seen the late Amy Winehouse almost assuredly knows of her numerous tattoos, including this one of a horseshoe on her left shoulder. It's one of the few I found that were that large and by themselves.

I know there are other tattoos around the area, but they aren't part of the horseshoe, which appears to be alone.

Horseshoe Tattoo of Late Amy Winehouse

This horseshoe tattoo is one of those including the symbols for card suits. They are all four there, although not readily apparent. The symbol for spades is in the curve of the horseshoe itself.

Horseshoe Tattoo with Card Suit Symbols

These two tattoo designs are very well done. The first one with the horseshoe and four-leaf clover has very nice lines, even if it's a simple design. I also like the font and the flow of the "Lady Luck" phrase.

Below you have most of the things a gambler may think of when want to make some quick cash. You have the dice and cards, the horseshoe, and Lady Luck on your side. How could you lose?

Horseshoe Tattoo Design with Lady Luck

While this is the only horseshoe tattoo design I included a star with, there were a number of them out there as options.

The one below looks like it had been recently completed, as it seems to be still healing. But the design itself is fantastic and unique. The placement on the back is interesting, but something most people are leaning away from once the infamous label of "tramp stamp" was applied to them.

Horseshoe, Barbed Wire, Star Tattoo

I don't think it's Lady Luck and gambling the designers and recipients of these tattoos had in mind when creating them. It appears they hope and represent having a little luck in finding a beautiful woman.

Whatever it is, they are very well done pieces of art, showing the creativity and quality of work you can do with something as mundane as a horseshoe as a prop.

Horseshoe and Pretty Women Tattoos

I decided to include another tattoo of a horseshoe which includes a star, as shown by the stars at the end of each side.

What makes this tattoo to me is the curvy lines in the center of the tattoo, which includes the shade on each curve. More important is the great font chosen for the word "lucky," which is definitely the best part of this particular horseshoe tattoo.

Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo

This was an enjoyable tattoo theme to explore, especially focusing on the luck side of the horseshoe. You know that's always going to include cards, dice and lady luck, which equals some pretty amazing tattoo designs.


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