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Product Review: Hortaleza Professional Color and Rebond System

Updated on June 14, 2016

HBC Hair Color and Rebond System (Burgundy)

HBC Hair Color and Rebond System (Burgundy)
HBC Hair Color and Rebond System (Burgundy) | Source

About the Kit:

I knew of this kit when browsing online for a do-it-yourself, affordable and easy rebonding system, and it comes with the bonus perk of coloring my precious locks. This product isn't listed if you check on the HBC official website but when you visit any HBC branch, you can ask for the sales rep about this kit (and it helps if you save a picture on your phone and show it to the salesperson).

The kit includes 2 intense color mix bottles (75ml each), 1 rebonding cream (300gms) which is the relaxant and 1 booster cream (300gms) which is the neutralizer. The box is a bit smaller than a shoebox and the creams are about half as short as Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner 340ml. The box has a plastic cover but be sure to open the kit on the branch where you bought it because the creams' squeezable tubes might have some leaks on it. I experienced it the first time I bought one. Lucky for me I managed to get it replaced. You will also know if the product is defective when you smell chemical odor around the kit before you even open the plastic wrapper. A little sniffing wouldn't hurt.

There are instructions on the left and right side of the box. Instructions are easy to follow but I tweak it a little for personal preference.

Materials Used:

  • HBC Hair Color and Rebond System
  • HBC Hair Spa Treatment (sachet, Php20) or any conditioner for color-treated hair
  • Heat Protectant Coat (I use Vitress)
  • Gloves
  • Plastic Bowl
  • Hair Coloring Brush
  • Comb
  • Hair Iron
  • Plastic Cape or old shirt you don't mind staining
  • Hair Dryer (optional, you can use an electric fan)

(Own) Instructions:

  1. Dry hair and part into sections.
  2. Apply booster cream on hair generously and wait for an hour to develop on hair.
  3. After an hour, rinse with cold or lukewarm running water.
  4. Dry hair until 90% dry then part into sections.
  5. Apply heat protectant coat and iron paper-thin sections of hair (this can take a long while but it is the most important part).
  6. Mix booster cream and the intense color mix in a plastic bowl.
  7. Apply mixture on ironed hair generously.
  8. Wait for an hour then rinse in cold or lukewarm running water.
  9. Apply any conditioner/hair spa treatment on wet hair.
  10. Repeat steps 4-5. Don't wet hair for 3 days nor tie or clip it.

Product Review:

It's very affordable because it's like a 2-in-1 product already. This kit would only cost you Php515 (at my time of purchase) to rebond and color your hair. The color stays permanent but when picking red hues like Burgundy and Mahogany, the color will fade into coppery brown. I prefer that effect on my locks. As far as I know, this rebond and color system has five shades namely: Black, Chestnut Brown, Medium Brown, Mahogay and Burgundy.

The product has an expiry date of at least 1.5 years. I use the same kit two times because I have neck-length hair. I used half of the products (150g rebonding cream, 150g booster cream, and 1 intense color mix), and remaining half the next year. I haven't tried the Chesnut Brown color because it is always unavailable so I don't know if it will beautifully fade.

If you did the ironing all by yourself, you will have a natural look without the frizzy and semi curly strands sticking out on your crown. If you let somebody do the ironing and he/she ironed your hair in paper-thin sheets, the result will be like you got your hair done in a salon minus the glossy finish. The rebond effect lasted me a good old 8-months. The hair color still shows after a year, but it really looked faded. The color is obvious when the sun rays hit your head or when you're in a well-lighted area.

Overall, this is a great product if you're short on money and have the time to spare (read: weekend or holiday). It's a plus if somebody would volunteer to iron your hair--like your mom or sister--for free.

You can buy this for $25.90 online at Joodleshop.

© 2016 valadhiel


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    • valadhiel profile image

      valadhiel 17 months ago from Manila

      Hi, you should only rebond it again after 6 months minimum. blow dry your hair and style it according to your liking but use a heat protectant like vitress.

    • profile image

      jaja bell 17 months ago

      I used this product july 29,2016, I'm bit disappointed and depressed i don't know what did i do para hindi mag-effect ung product sa hair ko hindi naman ako sobrang kulot ung front hair ko kasi mejo wavy at ndi nmn gnun kabagsak ung hair ko volume sya (fluffy kumbaga) pero tikwas tikwas nmn kaya ginamit ko to, nung unang araw maganda sya kinabukasan mejo nagkaroon ng wave ung hair ko at after nung 3 days halos gnun p din sya nabawasan lang ng konti ung wave nya pero kapag pinag masdan mo halos gnun pa rin i followed the procedure nmn base dun sa box.. at kung uulitin ko man yung pag rebond ng hair ko ok lang kaya? baka kc madamage eh.. PLEASE HELP naman.