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Hot to spot fake Tom Ford sunglasses

Updated on October 4, 2010

Tom Ford is certainly one of the top designers in the fashion world today. Demand for his designs is high with his sunglasses being a 'must have' for celebrities and fashion followers alike. When a designer name reaches the success and notoriety such as Tom Ford, the market becomes awash with fakes..well they do say that imitation is the ultimate form of flattery! The problem however, for those of us who prefer the real deal, is that it can be difficult to know if you are getting the genuine article or not.

If you are looking to buy a pair of Tom Ford sunglasses online, here are a few tips to help make sure you are purchasing genuine Tom Ford glasses.

Before handed over your hard earned cash, it's important to verify whether a number of features exist on the Tom Ford sunglasses you wish to purchase. When buying online, don't be afraid to contact the retailer and ask for verification of the following:

Tom Ford - Made in Italy
Tom Ford - Made in Italy

Where are the sunglasses made?

Tom Ford sunglasses are produced under license by the Marcolin , who are based in Italy. All Tom Ford sunglasses are manufactured in Italy and therefore each pair of Tom Ford sunglasses has the 'Made in Italy' sign printed on the inside of the right arm along with 'CE' logo which shows that the sunglasses have been produced in accordance with European Safety standards.

Tom Ford Sunglasses-inner left arm
Tom Ford Sunglasses-inner left arm

What features should I be looking for on the sunglasses?

No matter how hard they try, fake sunglasses are never a true copy of the original . Below is a list of a few places on the sunglasses that you need to be looking at to make sure you're buying a genuine pair of Tom Ford sunglasses.

- On most models, the logo 'TOM FORD' is etched on the sunglass lens in the top right-hand corner (left hand-corner whilst wearing). Fake Tom Ford glasses have only a printed logo on it.

- The inner side of the sunglass arms provide information relating the specific model. On right side arm, as previously mentioned, the 'Made in Italy' sign is shown. On the inner left arm are the details of the model, its colour and the size of the glasses. Take a look at the photograph, it shows a typical example of what should be printed on the arm:

'Connor' is the name of the model

'TF70' is the model number. (* the catalogue model number is written TF0070.)

'772' = colour of the model.

'59' = width/diameter of the lens

'14' = bridge width

'135' = length of the arms

- If the sunglasses have nose pads, then there should be a high quality 'TF' logo imprinted on each pad. Replica sunglasses may have the logo but is poor quality and often half worn off.

- Another feature to look out for is an embedded metal logo with the words 'TOM FORD', on the tip of each arm.

Tom Ford sunglass packaging
Tom Ford sunglass packaging

What should be supplied with Authentic Tom Ford sunglasses?

Authentic Tom Ford sunglasses are ALWAYS supplied with a protective case. If a store is selling Tom Ford sunglasses with only a cloth pouch then alarm bells should ring that they are fakes. There are various types of cases supplied, depending on the collection and size of the sunglasses. The photo opposite shows an example of what typical Tom Ford sunglass packaging looks like.

Marcolin, the licensed producer of Tom Ford sunglasses, provide a high quality, branded information booklet. An information booklet, if provided with replica glasses, is usually a poor photocopy.

Lastly, Tom Ford sunglasses also come with a certificate of authenticity. It is printed on thick, high quality paper with the TOM FORD logo embedded in it in gold lettering. Again, if a certificate is provided with a fake pair of glasses, it will be photocopied on poor quality paper.

A word of caution when buying online

Whatever you are purchasing, it’s important to protect yourself when buying online. Always buy designer sunglasses from retailers that clearly provide contact details on their website and a company registration number. Genuine online retailers have to comply with certainlaws, one of them is the obligation to have a refund policy that complies with the distance selling laws in the country where their business is registered. Make sure you read their return policy, terms and conditions and privacy policies before you purchase.

I Hope you have found this article useful, if so please vote for it. Any comments you wish to add would be gratefully received.

KeyPieces - Authentic Designer sunglasses, branded jewelry & fashion accessories
KeyPieces - Authentic Designer sunglasses, branded jewelry & fashion accessories

About the author

Moonface aka Elle Gee, is CEO of top online designer boutique, KeyPieces. KeyPieces specialises in selling authentic designer sunglasses, branded jewellery & fashion accessories at discounted prices.

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    • profile image

      James 18 months ago

      @Shirley Yes they're original, every Genuine TOM FORD sunglasses has that etched on the left temple.

    • profile image

      Shirley 19 months ago

      Hi there! I have a pair of used Tom Ford's that I bought online. Everything looks legit, except that the left arm contains an etched Serial number of LF1526278, rather than the TF model information. I have read that some of the newer ones come this way. Am I mistaken? Or do I have fakes?

    • profile image

      Kimberly 3 years ago

      Will the gold tone details fade over time? My frames are authentic and the tone is fading.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Everything in your article is correct except that you have indicated that genuine dealers have to have a return policy. That is incorrect there are no laws that require a dealer to have a return policy. It's just good business to have a return policy. I work as an executive for a national retailer.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      Thanks a bunch

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      This information was very useful to me! Thank you