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How do you grow a beard?

Updated on November 5, 2013

Growing a beard, why even bother?

Although this page is more about how do you grow a beard than about the reasons why, I find it insightful to be able to offer a few reasons for growing a beard, which you may have not considered:
- growing a beard is healthy. It protects from UV radiation, keeps you less exposed to allergens and provides a layer where natural skin moisture can be kept at tolerable levels.
- no shaving means more time for other things.
- you will be going against the current, you non-conformist you!
- some men are intimidated by beards. You are the modern Viking!
- some women are wooed by beards. You are the modern Romeo! A Viking Romeo! Or maybe a Romeo Viking?
- beards are natural
- beards are cheaper to maintain


Answering the old question of how do you grow a beard

Growing a beard is quite a process, especially if you have been shaving all your life. How do you grow a beard you might ask! Well, the few tips you need to get an amazing beard are listed below. The page will show you that growing a beard is not just physical, but also requires willpower and trust in yourself. Not all men can grow beards, but that does not mean you can not!
In the following segments we will see why grow a beard, what factors are important for growing your beard as well as some recommendations from experts. You alone can decide what tips you will follow, this page will only help you get some facts to make your decisions easier.

Now let's see what makes people so worried about growing a beard.


Two major factors in beard growth speed

It is not that complicated.

Beard growth is only a science for professional beard growers (the competitions are really fun!). An average Joe does not have time to study every hair on his body. But still, even cavemen had facial hair we, modern men could envy! So growing a beard is possible without any help or methodology, but if you do want to speed up the process, follow these observations:
- beard growth is influenced by genetics to a considerable degree
- hormone levels. These can be influenced by exercise, sleep and stress reduction

Besides these major factors there are quite a few others that I should at least put out there for you to consider:
- stress reduction, as mentioned does wonders not only for beard growth, but also improves your quality of life.
- nutrition is also important, although different individuals put different weight to the importance of nutrition. Mostly it is about getting your vitamins (especially vitamin B) and protein.

A book for further reading

This book about beards is fun!

Jack Passion is the world beard champion. He has written an insightful and addictive book full of images and tips you can use. A well placed investment. If not into your beard, then into your favorite book collection. How do you grow a beard can be best answered by the beard champion of the world, no?
The author also appeared in the documentary titled Whisker wars where you can follow a team of beardsmen as they prepare to take on the beard superpower, Germany.

There are quite a few books out there, but this one is probably the best, since it is novice friendly, as well as full of information from experienced individuals. It helps you past the most common obstacles of beard growth as well as answers a variety of questions, from nutrition to grooming, how to take care of the itchy beard in the first 4 weeks and how to survive a beard fire.

This book is great!


One factor you can control that works

How do you grow a beard? Easy, with skin care!

In the first few weeks of growing a beard you may discover that your skin feels different. Skin under a beard has different moisture levels and your body needs to adapt to it. So an itch can be expected. See more on itchy beard remedy.
Once you have some beard going you will need to maintain it through washing and trimming. Trimming is another story in itself, but the washing part is fairly simple. Use a shampoo (I recommend organic shampoo) or soap a few times a week to clean your beard. If you develop a rash or begin to itch, you know you washed too many times and need to reduce the washing of your beard.

But why is skin care so important?
Your skin should not only be clean, but also free of any cells that have degraded. These impede hair growth and you hate them!
The other methods that can prove useful in speeding up your beard growth is to use an exfoliant (a substance that removes the top layer of your skin (it is not painful or damaging)) and to remove any hair that might have ingrown.

This is all the skincare you need. Wash, remove the top layer of skin and those pesky ingrowns. If needed, apply moisturizer to reduce itching or dry skin.

See what a pro has to say

Learn how do you grow a beard from a professional. This fellow right here was a contestant in this years beard championship. I think he even won (there are multiple categories). He has some tips you might want to at least think about if not adopt right out!
He also has other video that might be helpful in your beard project, so see his channel on Youtube!

Comment below!

Thank you for reading my post. I hope it was informative and fun! Please, feel free to drop a comment below and say Hi! or give some further tips that promising beardsmen can use to grow their beardo-s.

Peace out!

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