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How FitFlop Footwear Started - A Biography of Marcia Kilgore

Updated on December 17, 2010

Meet the Creator of FitFlop

The key to success for Marcia Kilgore stems from her recognition of just what women want and need. Creating the well-known Soap & Glory brand, Kilgore successfully created the FlitFlop brand in 2007 and in just three years has seen over 6 million pairs of FitFlop's sold.

FitFlop Mukluk Mid Sheepskin Ladies Tone Up Boot
FitFlop Mukluk Mid Sheepskin Ladies Tone Up Boot

The History of FitFlop

The boss and innovator of FitFlop, Marica Kilgore, is a successful entrepreneur and not just for FitFlop themselves but other highstreet collections, including Soap & Glory, a successful cosmetic range. However, as a lady in her 40's, married with two children, she insists that she has based her entrepreneurial skills on the basis that if she doesn't want to buy it, she doesn't want to sell it.

It is clear from the beginning, that Kilgore has had the determination to succeed, starting her working life with a mere $300 dollars when she moved to New York, becoming a personal trainer in order to make money to afford her University tuition fees. Thus, having had a crash-course on facials during the summer, she started a beauty business from an office in Soho, New York City. She soon became attributable to beginning the day spa boom that occurred during the 1990s having opened Bliss Spas in London and New York. Her venture into Soap & Glory cosmetics succeeded this venture and proved just as, if not more, successful.

It was during 2005 that Kilgore recognised that women needed something easy, simple and straight forward to tone. Having one business already storming ahead and her children, Kilgore was able to relate to the everyday woman and thus spent the next couple of years creating FitFlop. It was this ability to be able to relate entirely with women and recognise their needs that allowed FitFlop the success it has achieved as well as the businesses before.

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