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How I dress up with my Premier Jewelry

Updated on March 27, 2013

Jewelry has the power to change your entire look.

Style, femininity, color . . . there are lots of reasons why women want to add jewelry to their outfits. I have always loved wearing my favorite pieces to accent, highlight, dress up or dress down. Anyone can take the same outfit and change it dramatically with a few accessories. I used to wear the same pieces pretty much all the time, over and over. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. But after my son was born, I decided to sell Premier Designs jewelry, and I stayed with it for about three years. In order to sell, I wore different things as often as possible. I used to go to ladies homes and showcase my samples for the hostesses and their guests. It was always a fun girls night out, and I enjoyed my evenings with new friends and old. I would ask guests to get up and model different pieces, and they loved it. In the end, I left the business because I didn't have time for it anymore. It certainly wasn't because I didn't have fun with it.

Im going to share a few tips I learned while in the business. If you like what you see here and want some more tips, look up your local Premier Jewelry lady! In the meantime, I'll show you some tricks that I use when accessorizing.

(Photo mine)

Photo mine.  My favorite two tone Premier necklace.
Photo mine. My favorite two tone Premier necklace.

Mixing Metals

Allowed or not?

Traditionally, the rule goes that you are not supposed to mix metals. However, if you have a piece that sports both silver and gold like the one in this picture (or brass, or hematite), then you can go in either direction with your complementing pieces.

In my opinion, it's best to take care when wearing 2 pieces that are the same metal but have different finishes. What does this mean? It means that if you have a matte silver-plated necklace, you will want your bracelet and earrings to be matte, as well. Polished, shiny silver jewelry looks nearly as different from matte silver as gold does. So, not only does color of the metal matter, but finish matters, as well. That being said, you can group complementing items together to create a snazzy look. Wearing or twisting two different necklaces together can change the entire look of an outfit. Try different combinations.

Bottom line: If you like the way it looks, then wear it. If you feel good about how you look, it makes you happy!

Premier Designs combinations

Here are some suggestions on different ways you can wear some of Premier Designs' pieces. Even if you don't own any of their jewelry, you can glean ideas for how to wear what you do have. One neat thing you will notice is that all of the pieces have names! The company takes the naming of their individual products very seriously. Through a thoughtful and prayerful process, they choose some really great names, in my opinion. Want to get some of these looks for yourself and learn a thing or two about jewelry combinations? Scroll down.

Curious about Premier Designs? - Here's the story.

When someone signs up to be a jeweler with Premier, she will receive a copy of this book as part of her kit. It's a wonderful book that tells the story of how Joan and Andy Horner met and how they came to build the company. It's a very good read, if you like inspirational stories!

Enhance your look . . .

with an enhancer! Spruce up that old necklace with a removable pendant with a magnetic closure. You can easily go back and forth from old necklace to new necklace at will.

One of my favorite enhancers.

One of my favorite enhancers.
One of my favorite enhancers.
Photo mine.  Bellissimo necklace and faux pearls.
Photo mine. Bellissimo necklace and faux pearls.

Tips on combining

for professional and casual looks

Wear a grouping of bracelets that don't necessarily come as a set but work together. I find that it is best to combine bangles with bangles, or chains with chains. If you have a charm bracelet, wearing it with two other chain bracelets in the same metal always looks nice. If you spend a lot of time at the computer, though, you may become annoyed by the bracelets. Best to save those for times when your hands are mostly free and your wrists are not resting on a desk.

Another suggestion is to combine a strand of pearls with a dressy chain link necklace in a similar but not identical length. This is a good look with a suit or dress for a corporate setting.

Big earrings and big bracelets are best reserved for casual settings.

But don't overdo it . . .

Be careful. I have never liked the look that I call "hosed down in jewelry." Just because you have 3 necklaces, an enhancer, and five bracelets that all coordinate with each other doesn't mean that you have to wear them all at the same time! Too much is . . . well, too much. Keep it simple. I recommend no more than two necklaces (three in some limited circumstances) and maybe a simple bracelet and pair of earrings. If you choose to group bracelets, go easy on the necklace! It's all about

Why Premier?

What's so great about this brand?

1. Premier Designs jewelry has a "Golden Guarantee." They stand behind their products. You can read the terms of the "Golden Guarantee" on their website. Have a broken clasp? They will replace your item for only $5 plus tax. (It doesn't apply to normal wear and tear over time, of course.) How nice is it to know that they want you to be happy?! They care about their customers and want them to keep coming back.

2. It is classified as "High Fashion Jewelry." It is not "fine" (such as 14K gold or real pearls), but it is a better quality than "costume jewelry."

3. Reasonably priced.

4. So many choices . . . there is something for everyone in every catalog.

5. Great hostess plan for parties . . . the hostess walks away with her favorite pieces for free!

6. Amazing support from upline and from the company, if you are a jeweler. Oh, and 50% commission.

7. Personal contact and relationships are urged. Formed on Christian principles and values, the company continues to be operated by the founder and one of his sons. They believe in personal contact between the jewelers and the customers. That's why they don't sell their pieces online. They want their idependent business owners to have every opportunity to connect with potential customers and hostesses.

How to show off your favorite necklaces.

Highlight them with your outfit.

Do you have a necklace that you absolutely love? Does it get lost in the neckline of your blouse or go unnoticed when you wear it with your favorite dress? Here are a few ideas for making that special item stand out and make a statement.

1. If you have a matching bracelet, consider connecting it to the necklace to wear as a longer necklace. This doesn't always work with every set (lfor instance, if the necklace and bracelet don't have the same clasp). But the extra length can get it out of your collar and allow it to hang where people can see it better.

2. Extenders. Under the camoflauge of your hair or your collar, you can add a few extra inches. Scroll down for examples of extenders. Most Premier necklaces come with these already attached.

3. Wear a solid colored blouse or shirt. I used to tell my hostesses to wear a solid colored shirt to the party and to tell their guests the same thing. This was so that the jewelry would show up better when they tried it on. If someone is wearing stripes or a pattern, it may hide part of the detail or detract from an otherwise brilliant design.

4. Get the bracelet or earrings to match! Matching sets draw more attention, in general.

In this picture (from my personal collection of photos), do you notice the difference between the neck sporting jewelry and the neck without? Yes, the decorated one looks dressier! I particularly like how it is offset by a pashmina with similar colors. See how the lines don't interfere with each other? This piece (called Nutmeg) seems to say: Look at me! I'm lovely!

After three years in the business, the "naked" neck makes me feel compelled to put something on it! My mind races with all the different possibilities.


You won't need these with most Premier necklaces, as many come with extenders already attached. However, if you wish to extend further and can hide the chains and clasps under your hair, go for it!

Find your own personal jeweler! - I am no longer one, but I have one!

You are welcome to use mine! Her name is Teresa, and she lives near Charleston, SC. Her email address is She's fabulous, of course, and a great friend.

Would you like to find one closer to where you live? You can ask the company to connect you with one. You can also visit the website to find out more about the company, the jewelry, and the business opportunity.

Want to get the latest cutting edge looks from this brand? Your personal jeweler can provide personal customer service like no one else! They are trained and encouraged to do that by this wonderful company.

Combine your long necklace with a ribbon for a longer, fresher look.

I have a long, grey and pink strand called Newport that I have worn like this with a ribbon many times. I always get compliments on it! You can try this with almost any long necklace you have. The lady in this video also uses a pin on hers! Great idea, if you have one that matches.

My Newport necklace on a ribbon. I learned this trick from the video above.

My Newport necklace on a ribbon.  I learned this trick from the video above.
My Newport necklace on a ribbon. I learned this trick from the video above.

Learn what combinations work for you.

Do you change clothes five times before going to an important event?

Next time you have nothing to do on a Friday night, get all of your favorite outfits out of your closet and lay them out on your bed. Now, take out your favorite and most frequently worn accessories. Try different accents with different outfits/colors/etc, and make yourself a list of what looks you like best. Next time you are headed out to work, dinner, or anywhere else, you won't have to wonder what to wear. Just consult your list, and it will save you a lot of time!

Fast tip: Turtlenecks!

Gotta love winter! Turtlenecks make the perfect backdrop for your favorite items or combinations. Likewise for short or pulled back hair and your best earrings.

Photo mine.  My Lipstick necklace on a lime green shirt.
Photo mine. My Lipstick necklace on a lime green shirt.

Contrast is cool.

One of the current trends is to combine bright colors. Colorblocking has been around for a long time, but have you thought of wearing a solid colored outfit, or combining a single color with white, then making it pop with a bold, totally different color of adornment? Here are some suggestions:

A bright or grass green outfit with bold, yellow accessories and shoes.

A yellow and white outfit with big, hot pink beads.

A solid black outfit with brightly colored scarf and beads.

Have fun with it!

I keep everything where I can see it at one time. Makes getting dressed faster and easier!

I keep everything where I can see it at one time. Makes getting dressed faster and easier!
I keep everything where I can see it at one time. Makes getting dressed faster and easier!

Find your hanging organizer.

The hanging jewelry organizer is, as far as I'm concerned, the best way to store all of your baubles. You can see all of it at one time. If items are stashed in boxes or jewelry bags in a drawer, you might forget about something great that you have. This way, you can glance and quickly determine what is best for completing your outfit. It's also safe, because it's zipped up, and it saves dresser space.

I'm a Southern author.

If you like short stories, please try my collection. It's available in paperback and on Kindle or Nook.

Love, revenge, drug dealers, humor, social injustice, murder by apple pie . . . it's all here!

Tell me about your favorite jewelry combinations!

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