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How To Add Broderie Anglaise Lace to T-shirts and Blouses

Updated on October 3, 2012

Broderie Frill Detail Blouses, T-shirts and Tops

Broderie frill blouses, t-shirts, tops, skirts and even dresses are in every fashion stores. Broderie frill are on women clothes and you will normally find the frill on the sleeves or hems of clothes.

As a dressmaker, you can get the kind of broderie frill color that will match your outfit and sew it on. All you need is a t-shirt, blouse, skirt or any clothe you want to attach the broderie frill to. Get a blouse or t-shirt that looks like a tunic style dress as it can extend to the hip.

Before you start to sew on the broderie frill, make sure that you try the clothe you want to sew the frill on and mark the area you want to cut, use pin to mark it. Note that you will have to slightly gather the broderie to make it look gorgeous.

These are the ways you can add broderie frill edging to the hems or sleeves of your clothes:

How To Join The Broderie Frill Ends

This is what you will do if the broderie frill you got is not long enough to go round the sleeves or hems of the garment that you want to attach it to:

Using the french seam, you will have to stitch the ends of the broderie frill together. Place the wrong sides together. You will need to trim the seam allowance and then continue with the folding of the fabric with the right sides facing. Enclose the raw edges and stitch the seam.

How To Add Broderie Frill

You will have to cut off the hem of the blouse or t-shirt that you want to use. to create a kind of fabulous style for your blouse, create a gather around the top of the raw edge of the broderie frill and pin or tack on the hem or sleeve of the blouse or top. Make sure you use machine to sticth it in place and remember to trim to make the raw edges neat.

How To Trim The Edge Of The Sleeves

You will use the same technique as above, but in this case, you will measure the sleeve edge and cut about two pieces of the broderie frill. using french seams, join the ends. To cover the stitch on the sleeve, tack in place the trimming on the sleeve. Use top stitch technique for the raw edges.

Frilly Dresses For All Ages

There was a time that frilly dresses was only for kids. In today's fashion this kind of dress style is meant for women of all ages including celebrities. Moreover, many t-shirt blouses for women are not so expensive and you can create your own style by simply being creative.

You will usually find the broderie frill lace in any haberdashery store near you. There are some that are already gathered, so you can easily stitch them on the dress you have chosen. The broderie frill comes in different width and length. so choose the one you know will suit your sewing need.

This is a really fabulous fashion style that any lady can wear. You can wear it as floor length or knee length, depending on how you have attached the broderie frill. The ones that will really take people's attention is the frill on your dress sleeves. You will really appear sophisticated and luxurious especially if you have been invited to a special occasion.


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