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How To Add Sequins To Women Blouses | Sparkling Sequin Dresses

Updated on July 26, 2012

Adding Sequins To Dresses

Recently wearing clothing with sequins have become so fashionable, as sequin add sparkles and glamour to plain dresses, tops, blouses, shirts and even jeans.

The great news is that sequin is not expensive and you can easily sew it on clothes.Before sequin became popular, dressmakers used to stitch sequin on by hand, by with the current fashion trend, you can use a ready to sew on sequins that are in elastic or strands.

You can then trim the part of the garment of your choice, such as the hem line or neckline or just anywhere on the clothe. You can stitch your sequins on jacket lapels.

You can transform any garment into an informal wear for a night out. It is very easy to add sequins to accessories, such as scarf or bag. If you have a spaghetti straps dress or top, you can customize it by sewing on strands of sequins to add glamour. Prom dress, shoes, tutu, fabric and others can benefit from the sequin sparkle designs.

Sequins Sewing Tips

Sewing Tips

Do you know that you can use fabric glue to hold the strands of the sequins on the clothing.

You should be aware that sequins has both right and wrong sides.

How To Sew On Sequins On Blouses

You can stitch on different shapes of the sequins into your blouse. If you have any plan filmy sheer fabric blouse, you will discover that adding sequins to it will add a touch of glamour.

You can also experiment with satin or silk shirt. You should first determine the kind of shape you want the sequins to follow.

Do you want the sequin to appear as circles on any specific part of the blouse, a single or double lines like in a side seam or hem line. The materials you will need to sew on the sequins are, metallic thread, a marker pen that are used by dressmakers, needle and sequins. To get that dazzling fashion look, you can use different colors of sequins just in random strands using a metallic sewing thread.

Use Chain Stitch To Sew Sequins In Place

You should use the metallic thread with the needle and tie the knot. After drawing the pattern you want the sequin to follow on your blouse (Use Dressmakers marker pen), start from where you want the sequin design to appear, stitch from the from side of your blouse and when the needle appears on the right side, slip the first sequin over the needle.

To continue adding more sequins, you should make sure the needle is fully out, and you can further push the needle into the hole of the sequin and out into the wrong side of the fabric and continue by bringing the needle out again to the right side of fabric and slip in the sequin to pass through the needle.

This you will continue to do till you achieve the desired result. After you have finished inserting the sequins and you want to finish off. You should insert the needle to the wrong side of your fabric and use back stitch.

Transforming Plain Prom Dress With Sequins


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