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How To Apply Clip In Fashion Hair Extensions

Updated on November 9, 2016

Clip In Hair Extensions - How To Apply

Fashion hair extensions can add volume, color, and most especially, length to your natural hair. With that, fashion clip-in hair extensions are an ideal way to use extensions minus the long-term commitment of gluing or sewing in hair extensions. These clip-ins are available in 1-inch strips that can be applied individually onto your existing hair. Likewise, larger wefts of up to 6 inches long are also available.

It is a kind of hair extension that you can apply around the entire head. Knowing how to apply clip in hair extensions properly would give an illusion that it's part of your natural hair since it would remain in place all day long.

How To Use Fashion Clip in Hair Extensions

Using A Hair Weft

This is usually cheaper and it could either be synthetic or real hair sewn together on top. Be sure to purchase your desired length to ensure that you're not paying for extra hair- especially if it's human hair since it could get costly.

You can find these fashion hair extensions at

Curl The Hair Extensions

As a rule of thumb, you should curl the extensions prior to placing it on the hair. It's not recommended to wear straight hair extensions if you're planning to clip it on yourself since it could be quite difficult to get the hair extensions look natural.

Keep in mind, for artificial hair, NEVER use heat! Though, for real hair, you could prep them up with a curling iron, magnetic rollers, or hot rollers.

For natural hair extensions, don't forget to wash and condition it. Likewise, applying a little amount of mouse or gel would help your hair maintain its curl and reduce frizz.

How To Apply The Extensions

Put The Clip-on Hair Extensions In:

In case that you're planning to wear your hair and add some volume to your up do, you should place the clip-in upside down against your hair roots. Also, it should be underneath the layer of hair so it wouldn't be visible.

Take the end of a teasing comb and divide your hair into a top and bottom layer. Tease the spots near the root where you'll clip your extensions. Fasten the hair extensions and release the top section of your hair.

Blend It to Your Real Hair

In case that your hair is sleek and you're planning to wear a synthetic clip-on extension, it is ideal to apply a small amount of shine serum to your hair before putting on these strands. This would help your real hair blend with the sheen of the extensions. On the other hand, if you're going to use human hair extensions, you're free to do whatever you want. You could flat iron them, curl them, or add some shine spray.

Keep Practicing

Overall, it is important to practice putting in your hair extensions before any event. It might take a few tries before you get them to look right. Likewise, you could always ask your friend to lend you a hand.

Adjust Them To Your Liking

Snip A Little

If you only want volume, but not the length, you could try cutting your own extensions to match your current hair length. While looking at the mirror, divide your hair down the middle of the back and gather them all forward. Take the hair extension and clip it in approximately an inch from your part. Trim the extension to match the length of your hair and repeat it on the other side.

Tease Your Hair

If you want to automatically lengthen your hair within a few minutes, clip-in hair extensions would be perfect. However, in order to keep this artificial hair in place, you should tease your real hair and slightly roughen it up. With that, you don’t need to worry about the clips sliding out as the night goes on.

It’s also advisable to horizontally tease the hair above where you’re planning to clip the extension to give it some volume. The voluminous hair would keep the extension from showing and blend it in better.

They Are A Popular Look In The Salon

I get requests for the fashion ombre look hair style all of the time in the salon and I think it's a great idea to try before you do a major hair color like a fashion ombre. Trying on a clip in extension with pink and purple is fun and you can use them whenever you feel like being adventurous!


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