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How To Buy The Perfect Perfume

Updated on October 29, 2013

Tips on choosing the right perfume

Does the idea of buying a perfume for yourself or as a gift leave you scratching your head in frustration then you are in good company.

Image credit: Flicker

There are so many terms and phrases used when it comes to perfumes that instead of clarifying things they often leave you more confused.

Types of perfume

Although the word perfume is often used to refer generally to all types of fragrances, they are classified according to their strength and concentration of aromatic oils,

Perfume oil has the highest strength of aromatic oils .It is often not sold as a standalone fragrance but is used added an ingredient in beauty products like homemade fragrances

Perfume is the most concentrated of commercial fragrances as it has a high percentage of perfume extract. Because of this wearing a very small amount is recommended otherwise it can become over bearing. Similarly do not layer it.It is also the most expensive type

Eau de parfum also known as eau de perfume (parfum is French for perfume) is the second strongest in concentration. You can wear it alone or layer it with other products of the same fragrance like a shower gel, moisturizer

Eau de toilette is not very concentrated therefore can be layered with other products or re applied every 3-4 hours.

Eau de cologne is usually the same concentration as eau de toilette.

Different Types Of Perfume

I have included this list which clearly illustrates the classification of fragrances starting with the strongest and most concentrated to the least.

Perfume oil (15-30% perfume oil in an oil rather than alcohol base)

PARFUM or Perfume (15 - 25% -- also sometimes referred to as extract or extrait)

Soie de Parfum (15 - 18% perfume oil)

Eau de parfum (8 - 15% perfume oil)

Eau de Toilette (4 - 10% perfume oil)

Eau de cologne (2 - 5% perfume oil)

Eau de cologne (2 - 5% perfume oil)

Eau Fraiche (Usually 3% or less perfume oil)

Men's Fragrances - What is the difference between Aftershave and Cologne

Cologne and Aftershave are two of the most common terms when it comes to men's fragrances.


Men's fragrances just like women's fragrance are usually eau de cologne or eau de parfum/eau de toilette.However maybe due to the fact that many men's perfumes are eau de cologne,the term cologne has become a general term used to describe men's perfume.


Aftershave is a fragrance applied after shaving. It has less aromatic oil than eau de toilette or eau de cologne therefore will not last as long. It includes soothing and calming ingredients like Aloe Vera which are helpful to the skin after shaving.

The difference between the two is that Aftershave is applied to the face after shaving while "cologne" or men's perfume is applied to the body.If applied to the face it can cause skin irritation.

Another difference is how strong they are.An aftershave is not as strong as perfume therefore will not last as long.

Below are some popular men's perfume

Women's Fragrances - Popular Women's Perfume

There is no shortage of Women's perfume to choose from.

Below are some of popular women's perfumes

Tips On Buying Yourself A fragrance

Buying A Perfume As A Gift

The tips below may be just as useful when you are buying a perfume/fragrance as a present for someone else.

Try before you commit

Try a fragrance before you buy as it smells differently from person to person. Spray a few drops on a tester (small piece of paper) available at most perfume selling points. Try about 2 or 3 different fragrances as after this it the various fragrances will seem the same to your nose. Write down the name of each fragrance on the tester. You can also try them on your skin as a perfume will smell differently on a tester than on your body as it reacts with body oil.

Do not decide as soon as you spray it because the top notes give way to base note which last longer and plays a big role in determining the true scent of a fragrance.

Buying a fragrance a present

A perfume is a very good choice for a present. One of the best presents you can give someone is a bottle of their favorite perfume. However sometimes the fact that they have never worn that particular scent can make it an even better present.

The easiest way to choose the perfect perfume as a gift is to notice what fragrance the person you intend it for uses and buy it. You could also get them another fragrance made by the same label

Ask them what their favorite fragrance or one they want to try is. You can do this without them even realizing what you are up to. Find opportune moments to do this for example while a perfume commercial is on the television or in a magazine you could casually bring up the topic of perfumes

Winging it.If you decide to go out on a limb and buy a perfume as a present then choose one of the classic brands that have been around for a long time since the most likely reason that they have been popular this long is that they are actually good

How To Make Your Perfume Last Longer

You want your perfume to last for as long as possible especially if you shall not reapply

Apply perfume to clean skin.

If you have dry skin then moisturize before applying your fragrance. Oil makes it last longer

Use body heat to make your perfume last longer apply to pulse points like inside of knees, throat, wrists,

Do not spray on clothes as some perfumes can stain them.

Do not use it to mask odor as whatever smell you are trying to hide will eventually find its way to the forefront

Do not use it as a substitute for a deodorant. The two are made for different functions. A deodorant /antiperspirant eliminates sweat which a perfume will not do. If you try to substitute them, the smell of sweat will eventually distort (in a bad way) the scent of your fragrance.

Layer your fragrance by using a shower gel or moisturizer of the same scent before applying the perfume to make it last longer

Avoid wearing to much because this can be suffocating.For a man, use a light scented aftershave or one that compliments your fragrance to avoid it being too much

Travel Size - How To Carry Your Frangrance Easily With You

Perfume Bottle Size

Does It Matter

Perfumes come in different size bottles. As a rule of thumb if it is your first time buying a particular fragrance then I would go with a smaller size like 30mls or even smaller in case you do not like it/get tired of it, if all goes well you can always upgrade

If you LOVE the scent or buying it as a present then go for a bigger bottle unless it is perfume oil as a it is so concentrated a little goes a long way.

If you buy a larger bottle of perfume then get an atomizer which is a small travel size perfume bottle that you can fill with your favorite perfume and carry with you as well yes even if it is a present so you do not carry the bottle around with you. Note if you buy a woman's perfume and also an atomizer then she will be doubly impressed

Travalo Travel Spray by Travalo Mini Travel Refillable Spray with Cap Refills from Any Fragrance Bottle (Sleek Silver) .135 oz for Women
Travalo Travel Spray by Travalo Mini Travel Refillable Spray with Cap Refills from Any Fragrance Bottle (Sleek Silver) .135 oz for Women

You can easily carry your perfume woth you to the gym,when travelling or for a night out.It is not hard to fill the travalo ministes with perfume.Best of all they are small enough that you comfortably carry more than one perfume with you.


Perfume Storage - How to make your perfume last longer

Paying attention to how you store your perfume is a good idea because a bottle will usually last a long time and most of us alternate between more than one bottle. Dare I say some of us even have a collection of numerous bottles?

Remember three words sunlight, heat, humidity and exposed air. I beg your pardon that is four things. These are all enemies of you the shelf life of your fragrance.

Always keep the bottle tightly closed to avoid exposure to air occasionally wipe the bottle top clean with alcohol and allow drying before replacing.

Do not shake your perfume bottle

If you do not use a perfect fragrance regularly then keep it in the box you bought it with.

Do not keep your fragrance the bathroom as there is too much humidity

If you have a large bottle and want to reapply then buy an atomizer and carry that with you

So where is the ideal place to keep your perfume?

Any place that is in line with the above recommendations would be alright.Some people keep thier perfumes in the refrigerator.Personally I prefer a storage box.

Below are some train cases that could make great homes for your perfumes

This could be a train case or a storage box or any other place that is cool, dry and out of direct sunlight and heat


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