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Trick Or Treat! How To Choose the Perfect Halloween Costume?

Updated on October 4, 2012

The most fun holiday is just around the corner - Halloween

It is a great time for families to spend together, interacting with their kids and friends, and Halloween is something that people of all ages enjoy to the max. Of course, there are people who don't understand the hype and couldn't be bothered to dress up but for the time being we're going to ignore such people and get ready for a great time.

Getting the perfect Halloween costume is essential but you don't have to spend too much time or money to get the perfect look. Make up can do wonders to enhance your chosen theme and no matter what you're dressing up as, a little make up can take it to the next level.

Happy Halloween

Who knows you might even win the best costume prize at the party. - There always is one.

  1. Many women love to dress up as elves or fairies. I think this desire goes back to their childhood and all the fairy tales they read. The most important feature for that are elf ears, which you can buy in a store or simply use play-do to mold it into a pointy shape and then apply with spirit gum.
  2. You will find Dracula teeth and capes in the store but to take things up a notch use black eyebrow pencil to darken your eyebrows and make them more prominent. Smudge some bright red lipstick around your lips to give the I-just-sucked-blood look and wear red contacts to really scare people.
  3. Most ready-made make up kits and masks etc. are made up of latex. You can create your own version by using tapioca flour. Heat tapioca flour with water, add dollops of foundation and keep stirring till it becomes a gummy mass. Apply it to your face and mold into the shape you are going for. This would work really well for a zombie look.

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Halloween Costume Inspirations

Halloween costumes are all about creativity.

  1. People also love to be grotesque with cut finger, stitches, wounds etc. Using bubblegum is a great way to fashion a wound but the best is to apply gel on your foot and let it set. Make a line in the middle of the gel streak and add fake blood made with red paint into the center. Mix in some black to make it look bruised and smudge it. For the final touches, add thread in and out of the gel or simply make a crisscross pattern on it with the thread. Add some more gel to seal it all in and you have a yucky wound to be proud of.
  2. Use body paint. One of the coolest Halloween costumes I've seen was worn by Heidi Klum. She went as a Hindu god with the headgear and ten arms, and she used body paint to paint herself blue and make her eyes really large and paint lips really red with piercings and jewelry added for more effect.
  3. You can add scales to your body, change the dimensions of your face with make up or use foundation to make your eyebrows disappear. You can use white powder on your face, coupled with bright lips and oriental eyes to go as a geisha.

"Halloween - It was a dark and stormy night. You will have such a fright!"

Halloween make-up ideas can be endless. The key is to experiment and be bold - what is the worst that could happen? You could end up looking horrendous and scary. But then isn't that the whole point of Halloween?


Which Monster do you want to dress up like this Halloween?

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